Have you ever wanted to take up on a more… interesting class, be it an online or a college/University course? We made a list with the most bizarre and incredible courses that will transform you into either a Ghost Hunter, a Jedi, or even a Private Investigator! And yes, some of them will give you certified diplomas, allowing you to start or improve a business. Check them all out and you won’t regret it. #16 and #9 are our favorites!

20. How to Train in the Jedi Way


In the UK, being a Jedi is an official religion, that even has a church of its own. So why not train to be a Jedi? At the Queen’s University, in Belfast, students learn about balance, destiny and how to think like a Jedi. We must admit, that’s an awesome course!

19. The Simpsons’ Philosophy


Watching so many Simpsons episodes has made people ask themselves some serious questions. And if you are a fan, then you should go and check out the University of California, Berkeley, where they teach Philosophy and Nietzsche’s theories by analyzing the animated characters. Not interested in Philosophy? Then maybe you would like the next course!

18. Lego Robotics


You won’t believe where you can learn Lego Robotics! But what does one learn? You can experiment and build functional robots from Legos and other parts – sensors and motors. Did you figure out the place that teaches you that? It’s MIT!

If robotics is not your thing, maybe you would prefer to be certified as a DJ. All you have to do is sign up for the following class!

17. Learning How to Be a DJ – Turntablism


If your dream has been to become a DJ, then you found your perfect class. At the Oberlin Experimental College, you will learn how to operate a turntable. If they haven’t convinced you, you can also join a class on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, knitting, Taiko drumming, or swing dance. If that’s too light for your taste, check the next course!

16. Circus Stunts


If you’re courageous enough, you can actually join the circus after you’ve taken up a course at the Triton College. You will learn how to be a clown, how to do double stunts, you will be able to do some Tumbling, to use Web Ropes, a Unicycle and a lot more! Ok, we’ve gone too far. If you’d rather stay at the computer all day long, take this class at #15!

15. 21st Century Skills – Starcraft


No, we are not making fun of you! At the University of Florida, you can go to a class where you learn ‘critical thinking, problem-solving, resource management, and adaptive decision making.’ According to the description, the online class claims that this is a 21st Century skill. We’re going there just to play Starcraft!

14. South Park and Real Life Issues


It might be an animation for adults, but it’s part of our pop culture. The class focuses on how humor can help people get a new perspective on contemporary issues. Talking about issues, solve them after you’ve taken up the class from #9!

13. Animal Communication


We get it, it’s way too bizarre for you, but hear us out! You will find an online course at the Nancy Windheart Animal Communication Academy how to communicate with your pet, TELEPATHICALLY. You have to at least see for yourself!

12. The Science of Harry Potter


If you don’t want to become a Jedi, maybe you want to delve into the magical world of Harry Potter and connect it to real-life science. Will we be able to make a broomstick fly with the help of antigravity? Who knows?

11. How to Watch Television


While it’s pretty obvious how you can do that, the course wants to teach the students how to actively watch TV. There is a syllabus that contains a lot of subjects, such as Media and Culture, Programming, Political Broadcasting, Children’s Television and so on. Or maybe you want to learn how to watch the news by taking the course described at #2!

10. The Science of Happiness


Have you seen all those motivational videos and photographs and been wondering what’s all about? This course will teach you about how to be happy and what it means to you. On a weirder path, the course from #6 is approaching something even more surprising!

9. How to Be a Human Lie Detector


This is a Udemy course that will help you to spot lies by reading body language and understand what every move means. Until finishing the course, you’ll see that people will think you’re reading their minds. You can combine this course with the next one!

8. Private Investigator


Being a spy has been our childhood dream, so we’re going to take this class starting from now! The online course will teach you the ethics and what not to do as a P.I. – such as not sticking microphones in the faces of the suspects and asking them questions.

7. Hippocrates Challenge


This course will put you in a situation in the future, more exactly on a ship in 2032. You will have to learn how to treat your mates after an attack on the ship. This is an interesting take on teaching students anatomy and even surgical reconstruction.

6. Death


If you enroll in this course, you will probably understand death better. Or you will end up having a lot more questions than before. Talking about death, you should check out the next course!

5. Ghost Hunting


There is an International Ghost Hunters Society offering a home study course on ghost hunting. It doesn’t include psychics, dowsing rods, Ouija boards, or seances, SORRY! You can become a certified ghost researcher, a certified paranormal investigator or a certified EVP researcher! You can also get a diploma by finishing class #3.

4. Calf Rearing


More on the practical and… alive side of learning stuff and improving businesses, you can always turn to Calf Rearing! This course will teach you how to rear your calf and grow your farm.

3. Astrology


You’ve told everyone that you don’t believe in Astrology, but you secretly check your daily horoscope and wish you had a t-shirt with ‘I am a LEO – ROAR!’ inscription? Well, you can secretly take this class and even get a professional astrology diploma.

2. Making Sense of News


So many news channels telling different things on the same subjects! And you’ve had enough. It’s time you distinguish news from opinions and understand how to make an informed decision, while quickly responding to news events. The course is offered by the University of Hong Kong.

1. How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse


We’ve talked about a death class, a ghost hunter class and now let’s look at the living dead! If you’re more interested in a survival lesson, Michigan State University will provide that to anyone who wants to enroll. It will teach you the behavior of people in such situations and more!