Not all children get to have a happy or normal childhood. For example, Melyssa Braga, a 3-year-old girl from Brazil had an extremely large tumor on her face that started to grow on the side of her face. The tumor was discovered as being benign, so it posed no threat as it wasn’t a cancerous tumor. However, the tumor was life-threatening because it affected her jaw and didn’t allow her to properly eat, as it displaced her tongue. Little did her parents knew about how their daughter’s life will change!

20. Melyssa Delgado Braga Had A Lump on Her Neck

The little girl started growing a lump on her neck in 2014. It later became the biggest myxoma that has ever been recorded. Melyssa’s tumor grew bigger and bigger, reaching the size of a basketball. Prepare for a heartbreaking image.

19. Melyssa’s Tumor Grew Bigger and Bigger

The tumor stopped Melyssa from living a normal childhood, as it was difficult to even hold her head up or still. Parents were desperate about their little girl’s condition, as they found out that Melyssa couldn’t get the surgery to save her life.

18. Normal Life Wasn’t that Normal

The child is struggling to lead a normal life, even though it’s a lot more challenging with that much weight on her face. Her parents did everything they could, they turned to social media and made a plea to get some help. The response came amazingly fast!

17. Melyssa Looks Happy no Matter Her Condition

Melyssa had difficulties in breathing and eating, keeping her head still and even doing normal activities was a challenge. Despite these problems, we haven’t seen pictures of her being sad.

16. The US Surgeons Could Save Melyssa’s Life

Caroline said that the only way they could save their daughter’s life is to search help in the United States. As they processed the information, they got more worried because they didn’t even have the money to fly to the US or stay for a while in the country, let alone afford to pay for the surgical intervention.

15. Caroline and Manasses, Two Desperate Young Parents

Caroline and Manasses, Melyssa’s parents, have posted a video on social media in which the three of them, along with Melyssa’s brother – Anthony, were talking about the little girl’s situation and that they needed help. Their plea was heartbreaking!

14. The Tumor Grew Faster, Causing More Harm

The child’s tumor grew so fast that the blood supply couldn’t even reach several spots so, parts of it started to die, causing more harm. Melyssa’s parents had to act fast, before it was too late!

13. Melyssa Had No Chance of Surviving an Intervention

Melyssa Braga had a low immune system and surgeons in Sao Paulo didn’t want to intervene with any treatment, as it would be fatal. Her parents started being more worried as they thought that there was no hope for their little girl.

12. Keeping Their Little girl Happy Was Also an Issue

Caroline and Manasses didn’t lose hope and tried their best to keep Melyssa happy, while also searching for help from every source they could manage. The family grew stronger in their struggle to save their child.

11. Social Media: People Saving People

Little did they know that someone important noticed the videos, the appeal and the photographs of their little girl and took action. Melyssa’s life was about to change! Check out her pretty face at #7! 

10. Melyssa Received Free Surgical Intervention

The whole family: Caroline, Manasses, Melyssa and Anthony were brought to Louisiana State University and through a charity in Shreveport, the first procedure took place. The whole procedure took doctors eight hours to extract the tumor and to do some refinements!

9. If Not for the Intervention, Melyssa Would Have Slowly Died

The doctors admitted that if they wouldn’t have taken up Melyssa’s case, she could have ended with a feeding tube. After a while, she was bound to have her airways blocked and die of a slow, progressive death.

8. This Beautiful Child Has a Bright Future!

Doctors had to insert a titanium plate to rebuild Melyssa’s lower jaw. She can finally eat a proper meal, after so many years! We can tell from her eyes that she will be a beauty in the years to come!

7. Parents Can Finally Enjoy the Prospect of Tomorrow

Carol finally gets to hold her child in her arms, as she is recuperating post-surgery. Melyssa’s transformation is remarkable!

6. Melyssa’s Features Are Unrecognizable Without the Tumor

The parents now have hope that everything is going to be better. They have thanked everyone who aided their cause. Melyssa will need further interventions to improve her quality of life, but right now she is no longer in danger.

5. There is Hope for Melyssa

After the interventions, the family returned to Brazil. Melyssa will need more surgical interventions, and she needs all the support she can get for her future treatments!

4. Melyssa and Her Guardian Angels

Here is the team behind Melyssa’s new life, the people that helped to save her life and that have also built a future for the little girl, giving her a chance to a normal life.

3. Melyssa’s Story Has Just Begun

As she grows, Melyssa will have to see orthodontists to repair her bite, as the tumor has interfered with her jaw. But wait, the story is not over yet!

2. “Making Things Happen” and Saving Lives

One of the doctors that made this family’s dream come true stated that they did everything they could to make it happen. Melyssa and her parents are lucky to have met wonderful people!

1. Being Healthy and Happy is all that Matters Now

Carol, Manasses, Anthony and Melyssa are a long way from having a perfect story for their lives, but right now they are as happy as they can be, seeing Melyssa happy and healthy.