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This tiny hedgehog is named Azuki. He’s become an online sensation over the past few months, and you’re about to see why. Here we got some adorable photos captured by his human owner from their latest camping trip. We hope you enjoy them!

23. Living The American Dream

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After his divorce, Azuki started dating Kate, who happens to be his former secretary. She takes care of the house, and he brings home the bacon.

22. The Ideal Relationship

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We forgot to mention that they have fun all the time!

21. The Honeymoon Phase

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Maybe it’s just the “honeymoon phase”, but she’s willing to try anything, and you don’t have to ask him twice.

20. As The World Comes Falling

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Despite the current political climate in the US, Azuki refuses to be sucked into negativity. With a bowl of ice cream and a suntan of a Greek god, I can see why.

19. Watching CNN

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There’s some talk about North Korea, and a uranium deal with Russia.. but the biggest concern on his mind is his cholesterol . Hopefully an apple a day will keep those heart palpitations away.

18. The Facial Massage

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Being a rich hedge, Azuki hired a professional human massager as a full time servant. It’s paying off big time!

17. They See Me Rollin, They Hatin

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Not only is he a good massager, this human gets him from A to B faster than his Bugatti.

16. Down And Out

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But sometimes, not even a massage can make him cheery. So he developed another self-help method.

15. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

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Instead of rethinking the past and being anxious about the future, he takes to the streets, finding comfort in the cool air and the faces of strangers that pass him by.

14. Sleepy Head

Source: instagram.com

BREAKING NEWS: The “depressive phase” turned out to be a sinus infection. After doing a nasal rinse, he got his fluffy hat on and is ready for la-la land.

13. Dreaming

Source: instagram.com

He had a vivid dream about meeting queen Elizabeth. You could say that he was “all over her”.

12. Kids Are Home!

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Azuki gets to see his kids on weekends, and they share awesome moments together. This week is Halloween time, which makes it even better.

11. The Pumpkin King

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“Timmy, Margaret!! Bring the knives, it’s carving time!”

10. Curing A Sweet Tooth

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“Oh.. yeah.. we were just having some celery..”

9. Preparing The Veggies

Source: boredpanda.com

Azuki tried the Paleo diet, but it caused him some heart palpitations. Now he’s back on a more restrictive vegan diet.

8. Post Meal Relaxation

Source: boredpanda.com

After reading “The Power Of Now”, Azuki sold his company and started a stress-free lifestyle. However – “You could say that relaxing in nature is my new shtick.. he he..” – was NOT what his (ex)wife wanted to hear.

7. A Tea Party For One

Source: boredpanda.com

As Azuki gets older, he finds himself enjoying alone time more and more. “Solitude is the healer of souls. And there’s still some healing to do.”

6. Adventure Time

Source: boredpanda.com

Being a former CEO of a tech company, Azuki’s aware that any glitch in a product could be fatal. But apparently, he’s more than happy with “Coleman”.

5. Getting Cold

Source: boredpanda.com

Getting prepared for a wonderful evening by the camp fire. The marshmallows are in his back pocket.

4. The Afternoon Nap

Source: boredpanda.com

Usually, our workaholic would chug down a large cup of coffee, but this time he’s taking the natural way out. A 30 minute power-nap will probably suffice.

3. Time To Start Packing


Source: boredpanda.com

With recharged batteries, our favorite hedge is ready to head home. But this is not where the fun ends. He was willing to share some special moments from his daily life with us in the next couple of photos.


2. Lovers United


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The relationship is going really well, and he’s planning to propose in the morning.

1. The Best Man

Source: instagram.com

She said…. YES! We’ve never seen Azuki in such high spirit. Sadly, we weren’t invited, but everyone said it was a blast! He even got Morrissey to play at the event.

We hope you enjoyed this slideshow as much as we did preparing it. We encourage you to check out more entertaining content on our website and most of all – have a great day!



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