Every teenage girl dreams of becoming a beautiful woman in her adulthood, but adolescence sometimes is not as kind as we would like it to be. Pamela Ichard can certainly relate to this as she has struggled all of her life with an advanced form of rosacea that started to show signs when she was only fifteen. But something strange happened after she had her second child: her nose started growing and it wasn’t showing any signs of stopping!

A TV show that helps people regain their self-confidence helped her in ways she didn’t even dream of. Check out her story, to see how she looks like after plastic surgery.

20. How Everything Started


During her childhood, Pamela was what you might call a normal child. She was born in Louisiana and at that time she wasn’t even thinking about how her face will start to change in just a few years!

19. Adolescence


When she was 15, she started noticing that her face was changing. What started with a few pimples here and there turned into a really bad case of acne that made her skin purple. And this was not all!

18. The Skin Condition Changed Her


She even explained on the show that her skin was full of bumps that were discharging tissue. It’s hard to be a teenager as it is, but her skin condition made it really difficult for her to blend it. Unfortunately, things were about to get worse before they could get better. Her life was about to take a really bad turn!

17. Becoming A Mom


Soon after she gave birth to her second child she noticed something strange… her nose started to grow for absolutely no reason. And as she confessed on the show, it never stopped growing! Why? Here’s the explanation.

16. Treatment For A Mysterious Disease


She tried all types of treatment and laser surgery, but it had the opposite effect. Her nose just won’t stop swelling! She finally found an answer after attending a TV show for the first time. You won’t believe what the doctors told her!

15. Finding An Answer


Recently Pamela attended a very popular show called “The Doctors” in search of an answer. And she found one! Her weird diagnosis surprised everybody.

14. The Diagnosis


It’s truly heartbreaking to think about her suffering and all the treatments that she had to endure, but this story has a happy ending after all. Just wait until you see how she looks like after her plastic surgery!

13. What Is Rhinophyma?


At 58 years old she finally found out how her mysterious disease was called: rhinophyma. But she was about to receive some news that changed her life forever.

12. Her Condition Was Finally Revealed


Dr. Ann Zedlitz who’s a dermatologist gave Pamela all the details about her condition. After all of these years, she finally knew what was causing her so much pain and shame. But unfortunately, Dr. Ann Zedlitz  also had some heart-breaking news.

11. The Cure For Rhinophyma


Finding out that there’s no cure for rhinophyma shattered all of Pamela’s dreams. The thought of living like this all of her life was unbearable!
But the TV host gave her the best present ever!

10. She Received Free Corrective Surgery


Although Dr. Ann Zedlitz said that there’s very uncommon for a person as young as Pamela to suffer from such a condition, she will undergo surgery for FREE.

9. A New Beginning


This is how she looked like right before undergoing life-saving surgery. She’s ready to leave behind all of those years when she was ashamed to leave the house.

8. What The Procedure Is All About


Dr. Ann Zedlitz reveals what the surgery is all about. The surgical treatment of rhinophyma basically involves the removal of diseased tissue and skin grafting that will reduce the recurrence of the disease and will lead to a full recovery and aesthetic outcome.

7. Ready For A New Life


It’s shocking to see how Pamela changed over the years, but Dr. Ann Zedlitz is positive that she can change all that. Ready to see how Pamela looks like after the surgery?

6. Do You Recognize Her?


The result is amazing! Besides the fact that she looks beautiful, when asked how she feels like, Pamela said that she’s excited about her new look. But the plastic surgery changed more than her nose. Let’s see more photos of the extraordinary transformation.

5. Then And Now


She claims that she’s not hiding behind her hair anymore, she’s not ashamed to leave the house and life has a meaning now. How great is that?! The next two photos are even more revealing.

3. She Can’t Stop Smiling


Pamela also had a total makeover. She changed her style and hair, and that smile looks great on her! The next image shows even a bigger difference!

2. Before And After


A side shot of her face shows even more changes. If this photo doesn’t make any justice to the doctor’s work, I don’t know what does.

If you’re curious to see other cases of rhinophyma and the outcome after plastic surgery, the next photos will prove to you that doctors can actually perform miracles.

1. Other Cases




Dr. Ann Zedlitz told the public that it’s never too late to have plastic surgery. Rhinophyma can be fixed, so why not give it a chance?