15. Tesla Enthusiast

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Chad Hurin is your typical man’s man. He’s stated as saying he’s not a car guy, but he’s definitely a Tesla Enthusiast. This statement is backed up by the fact that before owning two SEPARATE tesla’s he owned a 2008 Pontiac (which he still owns). It’s hard to let go sometimes. The two teslas that sit in his driveway completely trump the Pontiac of course. He owns the $68,000 Model S, and his wife owns the $93,500 Model X 90D. Always have to treat the lady.

14. Luxury


Chad’s wife Hurin was stated as saying “We’re not used to all of this luxury stuff, us getting a $90,000 car? Never in my dreams would I think we would have that.” These cars are extremely expensive, and are some of the most expensive Tesla has to offer. So how did they pay for these luxurious beasts?

13. Car Sharing

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The idea of car sharing may be foreign to some people, and that’s exactly why it’s worked so well for Chad, and his wife. A service called Turo allows car owners to rent out there luxury vehicles for the day in big cities across the US. It is still a small app with not much attention on it, since it only operates in big cities. Prices can range from $20 to $200 depending on the type of car, and the brand.

12. Payday

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The couple states that they’ve made over 25,000 dollars (before Turo collects their cut). That’s enough to pay off a monthly payment of both cars. Plus they still have some money left over to profit off of. A statistic has stated that a little over 50 percent of Turo users use the revenue to pay for their expensive monthly payments.

11. How it All Started

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Originally residents in North Carolina, Min was stationed in San Diego around 2015. Interested in the art of self driving cars, Chad started to research automated cars. he looked through cars being worked on by Google, and Apple, but it wasn’t until he found Tesla that he was impressed. They have already been selling self driving cars for quite some time, and this intrigued Chad.

10. Autopilot

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Chad was quoted as saying”The Autopilot is what attracted me because I’m very fascinated with the future of cars, I didn’t know who [Tesla CEO] Elon Musk was until I started following Tesla a few years ago.” Soon after he fell in love with the idea of owning a Tesla, and immediately followed Elon Musk (the founder of Tesla) on Twitter. It wasn’t soon until he was trying to convince Min of buying the most affordable option they had available, the Model S 60.

9. The App That Saved The Day

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Hurin claims that it was Turo that made her cave into buying the car in the first place. “Turo was what convinced my wife to let me buy it, putting it on Turo was the whole reason we bought the first one and the second one was the same thing.” said Hurin. Very sound logic when you think about it.

8. Profiting

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San Diego Turo listings for Tesla’s specifically the Model S go for an average of $200. However, the couple wanted to accumulate positive reviews, so they listed the price for a lot cheaper than the average. They put their Model S up fro around $110 which is a great deal for such a luxurious car! They also charge $135 for the Model X since it is a nicer model.

7. Getting a Cut

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At base pay, Turo users get 90% of all revenue that comes from renting their cars out. However, they also offer a service in which covers scratches, damages, food and drink spills, and everything else which adds a 20% charge to Turo. The Hurin’s opted for this option so they only receive 60% revenue, but it is well worth it when a strange rents your car from you. There’s already proof that this was the best option, since the Model S was scratched on it’s bumper. The couple states that there’s been 10 other accidents with the two cars. Luckily they didn’t have to pay out of pocket for any of it.

6. Miles on Miles

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The biggest disadvantage of using Turo is the miles it racks up on the cars owners rent out. However, the Hurin’s made a work around for this. After users drive the couple’s cars over 200 miles there is a 99 cent fee for every mile over 200.

5. Electric Groove

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Chad has researched and said that while depreciation is a concern of his, he’s happy it’s an electric car. Statistics show that 300,000 miles on an electric car costs around $11,000 which is way better than non electric vehicles.

4. On to the Next

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With the success of using Turo, the couple already owns two Teslas. They though why not another one! The couple has reserved the Model 3 Tesla, and it caught the attention of Turo. Turo asked the couple to put it up on the app, and they’d be payed $500 dollars for just posting it. Talk about a brand deal!

3. Getting a Promotion

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Tesla has gone as far to recognize the couple on their success, and have even given them promotional codes to give out to their renters. The codes knock off some of the expensive price of a Tesla, and the Hurin’s get benefits when the coupons are used.

2. Bonus Pay

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11 of the Hurin’s renters have purchased a Tesla, and Tesla noticed! They gave the Hurin’s discounts on solar panels, and the Hurin’s took them up on their offer and had a few installed on their roof. They’ve even caught the attention of Musk himself, and got sent autographed power wall batteries.

1. Happy Ending

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Chad and his wife are two of the happiest people using Turo. While not everyone else will have a great success story like the Hurin’s it shows the innovative nature of the app Turo, and the people using it. Chad works happily as a software engineer, and works at home. He says he now loves to introduce his friends and family to the Tesla brand.