20. Heroes Come In All Sizes

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Sometimes we’re facing a huge dilemma. Other times, that dilemma involves an 11 year old boy and a drunk driving mother.

19. How It All Started…

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It all started on a bright, Sunday morning. A woman was taking her 11 year old son to his little league baseball game. It was a normal Sunday for the little boy, but it was not so for the mother.

18. What Went Wrong?

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When the baseball game was over and they were driving back home, the little boy noticed that his mother was driving “not so normal.” By not so normal he meant speeding 125 in a 60 mph avenue.

17. A Little Catch…

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The little boy also saw several bottles of hard liquor smacking and bouncing around the car. The woman was not only driving aggressively, but she was behaving like that as well.

16. Expecting The Worst

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The scared, little boy was expecting the worse, and he acted accordingly. At first, too shocked to even do anything, the little boy gazed at his mother as she drove the vehicle towards an impending crash.

15. The Dilemma

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It was at that very moment that the little boy had to become a not so little boy, and so he did. He grabbed his phone and, without letting his mother see, he dialed 911 and quickly supplied his location. When his mother saw him do that, this SHOCKING thing happened.

14. The Incredible Chase

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The woman slapped the boy and removed the phone from his hand. It was already too late, police were on their way. That didn’t stop the woman as she continued doing what the boy feared the most: trying to die.

13. She Is FINALLY Stopped!

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When the police finally caught the drunk woman, they showed her justice. She tried to resist but to no avail, the police were too many, she was trapped and deep in trouble. The boy, however, was safe.

12. It Did Not End There…

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As if it wasn’t enough, the woman continued to resist the handcuffs. The officers identified her peculiar, alcoholic odor and they forced them to blow on the tool. Their doubts were cleared, not because of what the meter read but because of the huge waterfall of puke coming out of the woman’s mouth… And into the police officer’s entire persona.

11. The Cuffs Were Locked

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The police finally apprehended the woman and took her with them to the nearest police department. She had to sleep in jail, but that was a place that would later become her home.

10. Time For The Trial!

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Innocent until proven guilty. There was no innocence left in her, because her own son testified against her and that sealed the deal for her, she was going to prison and the boy did not know were he was going.

9. The Verdict

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The judge deliberated and the jury decided. The woman and mother of the scared boy was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Her charges were many, you won’t believe what they were!

8. For Starters…

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Her first charge was reckless driving and driving under the influence. That, by default, is a pretty serious charge on it’s own. The others, however, were even worse!

7. It Gets Worse

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The second, and even worse, charge was assaulting a police officer. Apparently, the judge considered puke as a tool of attack in extreme cases like this. It didn’t help the woman that she also resisted to be cuffed by the officers and the plenty of curse words she used while doing so.

6. The Worst For Last

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The mother was also charged with child endangerment, and that couldn’t be more true. She risked her 11 year old son’s life for a couple of zips and an adrenaline rush.

5. Her Fate Is Sealed, At Least For Now

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The woman must now endure 5 years in the cold cells of prison. That will teach her that there are consequences for her actions and that she was given a second chance. Losing her son was something she would’ve regret if it ever happened.

4. Misery Loves Company

There is this famous saying that says misery loves company. The mother will be charging the jail with plenty of other women who have had to assume the consequences of her actions the wrong way. This is not the end for the woman and jail is not her only punishment. But, what about the boy?

3. A Safer Future

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The boy will go off to live with his grandparents, because they’re the only living relatives he has. His father abandoned him when he was young, which is why his mother developed her heavy drinking habit, the same habit that led her behind prison cells.

2. Wait… There’s More!

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After her 5 year sentence ends, the woman must commit to a part time rehab center where they’ll be treating her drinking condition. This is all to help her be a better and safer mother for her only child, the young hero who got her arrested.

1. One Final Reminder

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Don’t drink and drive. It’s not worth it. You could really hurt yourself or worse, die. There are times and places for everything but there is never a time nor a place to drink and drive. Stay safe!