Do you know that heartwarming feeling when you get home from work and a friendly and loving pet welcomes you? It feels great, doesn’t it? But not every family pet is as cuddly and nice as you might think. You would totally expect your cat to ignore you or your dog to be super happy to see you, but all of them can be selfish and unapologetic from time to time.

Check out these hilarious photos of pets who show that they’re the bosses, and not you! #15 and #12 will certainly crack you up!

19. The Comfortable Pug

Why buy an expensive bed from Petsmart for your pug when it prefers to sit on your face? Don’t ruin your pet’s day and let it have five minutes of rest. The next puppy is even more creative when it comes to taking naps!

18. The Tired Puppy

In some cases it’s not the cat who runs the house! This clever puppy found a way to calm down the family cat while looking like a hero. If you think that it can’t get any cuter than this, wait until you see what the next pup did to punish its owner!


17. That’s What You Get For Caging A Bird

Feeling a little cooped up? Maybe it’s time to call your travel agency and book your next flight somewhere nice… I’m sure we can all totally relate to this bird’s anxious behavior when we’re cooped up at work for hours on end!

This next dog’s face says it all. He ate your homework and shows absolutely no remorse! #10 is still our favorite.

16. The Teacher Will Never Believe You

From the “My Dog Ate My Homework” series, I present you: THE GUILTY BEAST! He takes joy in eating your notebooks and loves to take photos while doing it. It might be time to consider enrolling in those online courses that provide ebooks!

If you think that chewing on a piece of paper is a tragedy, #15 and #9 decided to eat walls and doors. Check them out!  

15. Proud Of His Work

This is what happens when your dog gets bored. Give him some credit, after all, he was busy doing home renovations while you left him alone all day. Maybe that door didn’t go with the feng shui in the room…

You won’t believe what the next dalmatian decided to chew on! Hopefully, the owners have house insurance otherwise they’re in big trouble.

14. Look What I Did For You

The number one rule for when you’re getting a dog is to keep everything hidden and out of sight. Otherwise, this will happen… At least he didn’t destroy expensive stuff like the following puppy did! 

13. Revenge Is Better Served Warm

The funny thing about this photo is that instead of taking the dog off the laptop, this guy decided to take a photo first! Watch out Microsoft, this pup is no Bill Gates, but he sure is cute and soon to be a famous software developer!

You won’t believe what the next cat did…

12. I Win!

You may think that winning big is hitting the jackpot in online gambling, but this selfish cat considers getting the best spot on the couch as the greatest win! You enjoy your victory, Mr cat!

#11 and #6 will definitely make you think twice before leaving your cat alone!

11. It’s Bath Time

Every cat owner knows that they have the bad habit of sneaking up on you or hiding in really dangerous places around the house. You’d better look twice before turning on that machine. Check out the next image to see how a donkey managed to take the best selfie ever!

10. Smile At The Camera

Who said that social media is only for humans? Donkeys need likes too! And just take a look at that dental work! I’d like to get the name of that guys dentist!! 

If you think that this is cute and unusual, wait until you see the bunny at #7!

9. We’re Out Of Toilet Paper

Think twice before agreeing to get a new puppy for your kids. You’ll have to clean the house more often than you’d expect or hire a maid service to keep on top of  the cleaning for you. But the happiness that it brings is priceless. Until it destroys your home like the next dog did!

8. It Tasted Wonderful

Always make sure that you have house insurance or that you live close to a home renovation store before getting a pet. You never know what might happen to your walls. That guilty face says it all, “it was meant to be a present”.

Who would have guessed that bunnies can be as mean and selfish as cats? Just look at what this fluffy ball did to its owner’s laptop!

7. Checking Out Social Media

This bunny was probably looking to get apply online for job interview or an online degree. But first, he has to check what’s new on Facebook. There’s no time for being lazy like these next kittens!

6. Please, Stop Moving

Because the blanket wasn’t enough, this smart kitten found a softer spot to sit. Although I’m sure that his brother doesn’t mind, the situation looks kind of unfair, don’t you think?

5. Plants Killer

In case you were wondering why your plants are not growing, now you have the answer. There’s nothing better for a cat other than sitting on them! Consider yourself lucky if throwing dirt on the floor is not one of its habits.

Talking about selfish and unapologetic pets, the next dog decided to throw his brother into the snow because why not?

4. Winter Is Coming

The husky certainly knows what will happen if he’s not the one who attacks first. And because being selfish is easier, he decided to throw his brother into the snow. Maybe he’s watching too much Game of Thrones on Netflix.

The biggest thief of this article is still yet to come. Guess what he’s stealing!

3. The Slipper Thief

This cat steals it’s owner’s slippers every time she’s talking on the phone. Who said that cats are not into fashion? This kitty just knows good style when she sees it and those slippers are going with her.

Check out the next image to see what small animal managed to outrank a German Shepard! 

2. I Am The Boss

You may have a killer fitness routine at the gym which has given you a jacked bod, but no matter how big and muscular you are sometimes it’s no match to the small and feisty, especially when it comes to cat behavior. But as the dog already knows, sometimes is better to be wise and let the young do their thing.

1. Give Me That Cake

If your wedding cake wasn’t a huge success, you can always count on your dog to eat the leftovers. He will be more than happy to oblige.