40 Years Later…a New Secret Emerges

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The year 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. A sad event that in no way defines the King of Rock and Roll, it’s amazing that four decades have passed since the fateful day he took his life. And while one would assume all of Elvis’s secrets have been revealed, you would be surprised about the shocking revelation that Priscilla recently uncovered.

The Truth Revealed

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Despite 40 years passing since his death, Priscilla recently uncovered the truth about something so shocking that it completely sheds a new light on the man behind the hip-rolling and glitzy persona. And believe us when we say, what she revealed is quite disturbing.

An Epic Career

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Considered to be one of the most popular pop culture icons of our time, Elvis Presley’s career is well-documented by audiophiles. He was a leader in the 1950s and 60s when it came to the rock and roll movement, and he was known for his extreme hip-shaking that would send his female fans into fainting frenzies.

The Highs and Lows of Stardom

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As Presley’s career took off and his records topped the charts, his career was one of epic highs and even worse lows. When his career was at its peak, not only did Elvis have to deal with the death of his mother, but he was drafted into the U.S. Army. To say he was never the same after these events would be an understatement.

The Love of His Life

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One positive note in a life of turmoil was Elvis’s introduction to Priscilla Beaulieu in 1959. Although she was only 14-years-old at the time, she would go on to marry the King of Rock and Roll eight years later.

Too Young, But in Love

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In an interview with Good Morning America, Priscilla revealed that Elvis thought she was too young at first. She remembered him saying, “Oh! A baby! You’re just a kid!” According to Priscilla, Elvis was 24 at the time and so she felt very young and inexperienced around him.

Growing Up Fast and Furious

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Of course, that would soon be in the past and Elvis began to court the young Priscilla, which blossomed into a serious romance. Priscilla would eventually move to Graceland with Elvis, even though she hadn’t finished high school at the time. The King’s former wife admitted that she grew up way too fast with Elvis and was put in situations as a young girl that she probably shouldn’t have experienced. However, what she admits next may surprise you.

Learning Through Music

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Priscilla would go on to reveal that she learned who she was because of Elvis and that they had an eternal bond. According to Priscilla, “I learned so much from his music and how he lived. His fears, his loves, and his beliefs became mine as well. So much so that when it ended I really had to find out who I was.”

No Pressure, Just Love

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One interesting fact about Priscilla and Elvis is that despite his status as a pop culture icon he never pressured her into anything she didn’t want to do. In fact, she remained a virgin up until her wedding night after seven years together.

A Private Ceremony

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The couple married in 1967 at a private ceremony that was only attended by close friends and family. Although, a few select members of the press had the opportunity to attend the momentous occasion as well. Priscilla remembers the private nature of the ceremony as being unusual since most of their time together had been subject to the limelight. However, they both had insisted on keeping the flashing lights out of their ceremony.

Six Years of Wedding Turbulence

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After their wedding, the next six years of the couple’s marriage would be one of turbulence. However, one positive was the birth of their daughter, Lisa-Marie, nine months after they got married.

Downward Spiral

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Unfortunately, love and a baby wasn’t enough to keep Elvis satisfied. Still distraught over the death of his mother, he turned to prescription drugs to numb the pain. This put cracks in his personal life, eventually leading Priscilla to make a heartbreaking decision.

A New Void to Fill

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After six years of marriage, and spending most of her time home, alone with the baby, Priscilla decided she wanted a divorce. This revelation hit Elvis hard, as a new and deeper void formed in his life. This would send the King on a downward spiral that would get worse ending with his untimely death.

Addicted to Addiction

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As time went on, Elvis’s life would continue to get worse. His drug addiction took hold in full force and he gained excessive amounts of weight. No longer the sex symbol he once was, his career began to dwindle due to his personal demons. It was his private nurse Tish who would bring him the most comfort in his final days.

Memoir of Memories

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Writing a memoir that revealed detailed memories of her private times with Elvis, Tish stated, “He was not only my patient but a good friend. In the end, he was depressed, overweight and lethargic with a passion for pills. But his death came as a complete shock.” Elvis would pass away at his Graceland home in the summer of 1977.

A New Revelation

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Priscilla Presley went on Good Morning Britain to reveal a disturbing and shocking secret about the legendary performer. It was during this interview that she revealed why he was always a loner and detached from life.

Knowledge is Power

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Priscilla revealed, “I wish that I could share with him, knowledge. Because he really was alone. He really didn’t have a peernot with a group and not really with anyone.”

The Demons were Too Strong

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According to Priscilla, she believed that even with help, Elvis would have always struggled with personal demons. She revealed that he was a thinker and a searcher. His mother and father struggled with their own demons as well. For Elvis, life was a lonely struggle.

Alone with No Support

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Priscilla believes that Elvis was never comfortable with his fame. Despite having it all, he was still alone and the being unable to deal with the perception of that killed him in the end. He isolated himself from real life and had no one to turn to in his darkest hours.

Honoring Elvis’s Legacy

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Despite this revelation, 40 years later, Elvis continues to hold a special place in music history. There’s never been anyone like him and even though he had his demons, it’s important to honor his memory with the positive contributions he made to the music industry.