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A Disturbing Surprise

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When teenager Savannah Minter found a crate next to an apartment complex’s dumpster one Saturday night, she never could of imagined what was inside. However, what she did find left her stunned and on the verge of tears. You’ll never guess what it was!

A Typical Summer Evening

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It was a warm July evening when 16-year-old Savannah dropped her good friend Ivy off at her apartments after a night of hanging out. While all seemed normal, an object caught Savannah’s eye by the dumpster.

A Strange Object

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Of course, being curious was in the teen’s nature, so she parked next to the dumpster and noticed what seemed to be a cage. Even more curious, something was moving inside! We wonder what it could be?

Shocked and Horrified

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During an interview with FOX, Savannah admitted, I freaked out! I was on the phone with one of my friends and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!'” Honestly, we can’t blame her. We’d be shocked too if we say what she saw!

Small Five Dogs

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In the crate that Savannah found, were five small chihuahuas. They were huddled together, crying out and for the teenager it was almost too much to handle. She began to weep, not understanding how someone could do something so cruel.

Poor Condition

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Although she was no medical expert, Savannah could tell the dogs were not in good shape. Covered in fleas and ticks, they also seemed to have medical problems as well. She knew time was of the essence and they needed emergency attention quickly.

Coming Home

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The teenager refused to leave the dogs. So, she did the only thing she could think of. She took them home.  “I’m not gonna leave them here. It’s night and that’s cruel,” she explained. “So I put them in the back of my car and I took them home.”

Family and Friends Unite

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Since it was the weekend, Savannah had to rely on her family and friends to help take care of the five little ones. She did the best she could and finally took them to a local vet that Monday morning. It was then she learned even more disturbing news.

A Sad Past for these Pups

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According to the clinic, they had come to the conclusion the dogs had lived in a cage their entire lives! Therefore, Savannah made sure the poor babies received as much love as possible. She made it her mission to find all of the dogs new homes where they would be properly cared for.

Trying Social Media for Help

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During this time, the mother of one of Savannah’s friends had an excellent idea. She suggested that they use the Nextdoor app, which is a tool for local communities to stay in touch. It was possible they could find homes for the dogs through there.

The Advertisement

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Thinking it was worth a try, Savannah posted an advertisement for the five dogs on the app. Before long, she was updated with messages from people wanting to help in any way that they could!

A Flood of Responses

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One of the mother’s helping the teens, had this to say to the local media. “We’ve gotten flooded with responses from people who now have fostered them or taken them for their forever homes,” Jenny Perez revealed to FOX. According to Perez, the community was now raising money for one of the puppies who had a hernia.

Emma the Chihuahua

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The poor little chihuahua who had the hernia was named Emma and she had been the worst off health-wise. Thankfully, she wouldn’t have to go through the challenges and tribulations of recovery alone.

Funds from Heaven

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A loving and caring married couple offered to provide the funds for Emma’s treatment. Even better, they agreed to foster the dog until her health improved. Isn’t it great to see a community come together for the common good?

The Last Pooch Standing

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When all was said and done, Emma remained the only chihuahua left without a forever home. The other four dogs were quickly adopted and adjusting to their new lives. Would Emma also find her happy ending?

Happy Endings for Everyone

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Thankfully, the other dogs finding their new homes put Savannah’s mind at ease. One of the chihuahuas had been diagnosed with a muscle disorder. Unable to walk properly, she was able to find a loving home and live a very happy life. Therefore, there was still a good chance Emma would find a home as well.

Thank You Savannah

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Of course, this entire situation could have had a much darker ending if Savannah hadn’t come along at the right time. For the teenager, she was just happy so many people in her community rallied together to find the dogs homes and help with their medical expenses.

Laws for Dog Abandonment

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Despite the happy endings for the chihuahuas, what led up to their harrowing circumstance continues to remain a mystery. The state of Texas has laws regarding abandoning animals, unfortunately, whoever threw out these poor babies has still not been caught.

An Unsolved Mystery

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Local law enforcement continues to review the case and the hope is that someone might step forward with new information that might lead to an arrest. Until then, people are just happy the teen and her friends stepped in when they did.

No One Left Behind

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Thankfully, these little puppies can now put their past behind them and look forward to a future of love, happiness and treats! All thanks to one girl who decided to be curious and refused to leave the precious dogs behind.

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