With the introduction of the internet, the traditional business model has permanently shifted. You know times have changed when you can become a lawyer through the completion of an online degree. You don’t need marketing firms when you can use Google Adwords from home. You don’t need private business consultants when you can pay for user-friendly business software. Heck, you don’t even need to visit the doctor with recent advances in medical coding services.

Adapting to these principles is of paramount importance in almost every field of work. For example, imagine if you were starting a dental practice in Brooklyn. Only a few decades ago you’d need to scrape for any clients to jump ship from that old grumpy dentist they’ve grown used to. You’d also have to pay a lofty chunk of change for newspaper ads, flyers, or TV time to build yourself up as an authority on fixing teeth.

With internet on your side, you can easily grab all the tech-savy young clientel even without any referrals. Sharing nuggets of wisdom that pertain to your potential clients through a website and a Youtube channel usually does the trick. Best of all – it takes zero capital investment. As your online presence increases, you’re not only attracting clients from your local area, but those from other parts of the world as well. Heck, you may even get some fan girls coming your way for a root canal, so you tell me if that’s a sweet deal or not?



The example of a Brooklyn dentist applies to every business model you can think of. Is fitness your passion? You probably don’t have enough coins to open your own gym, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a profitable fitness persona online. After you’ve built a large enough fanbase by providing valuable (and entertaining) information, you can transform your fanbase into costumers who ACTUALLY BELIEVE that your product – works! Imagine how much time and money a supplement company stuck with bland TV ads and banners would need to build the same level of trust and interest? And that’s just the marketing side of it. The fact that those customers can order your products at any time from home and with a click of a mouse makes the sale process very easy and simple.

Whatever your business idea and professional expertise are, it would be a major blunder to ignore the online arena. It’s bewildering to see how many entrepreneurs are ignoring this incredible opportunity at their own peril. Hopefully this article will inspire you to take the smarter approach. Cause remember – you can’t stop the Web, but you can learn how to surf.


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