Are you trying to live a healthy lifestyle and finding it almost impossible?! We don’t blame you. There are tons of fitness and nutrition myths out there that are actually ruining your efforts. Stick around to find out what you might be doing wrong and learn how to correct it in order to meet your fitness goals.

20. Sit-ups/Crunches Will Make Your Stomach Smaller

Source: FitsMag

If you thought doing a bunch of sit-ups and crunches would get you a smaller tummy you were told wrong. The only real way to reduce the size of your stomach is through a healthy diet, intense cardio, and weight-lifting. Consuming healthy foods is essential for loosing belly fat. While sugar can be addictive, consider switching to honey from Gold Bee as an alternative.

19. You Need A Snack Before & After Your Workout

Source: EatThis

You don’t NEED a pre- or post-snack after your workout as this all depends on your body’s needs. Some people will feel like they need the extra calories, others won’t. In this case, listen to your body and only refuel if you feel the need to.

18. Women Who Weight Lift Become Bulky

Source: FitsMag

Scientifically speaking, women do not produce enough testosterone to gain muscles in the same way men do. Weight lifting is a fantastic way for women to reduce body fat and strengthen joints in order to reduce their risk of getting osteoporosis.

17. Working Out More Is Always Better

Source: Chatelaine

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as overtraining and by doing so you put your body at risk for injury. Instead of exercising until you feel weak it’s better to create a healthy balance of fitness, healthy eating, and resistance training.

16. Sweating A lot Means You’re Out of Shape

Source: FitsMag

Sweating is your body’s way of cooling you down while you’re working out. As your body temperature increases and your heart rate goes up, your body begins to cool you off through the power of sweat.

15. Your Knees Shouldn’t Pass Your Toes During A Squat

Source: Healthista

It’s totally normal for your knees to slightly pass by your toes, especially since everyone’s ankle range can be different thus limiting how far your knees can go. As long as your knees are not going WAY past your toes your form should be fine.

14. Spot Training Is Possible

Source: EatThis

Is there one area on your body that you’re just dying to lose weight in and tone. Well, if you’ve been overdoing the workouts in that area you’ll be disappointed to hear that you can’t just lose weight in one area. Instead, you should continue to workout the muscle but with a variety of different workouts.

13. If You’re Not Losing Weight Your Workouts Are Pointless

Source: EatThis

Working out is about more than just losing weight. Through a daily workout routine you not only lose body fat but you also reduce your risk of developing so many diseases while also easing your stress and anxiety levels.

12. You Need Tons of Protein to Build Muscle

Source: FitsMag

We’re not quite sure who started this myth but it’s been thrown around everywhere. By consuming more protein than you need you’re actually causing yourself to gain weight as the extra protein is converted into calories and then stored as fat if not used.

11. Running Should Completely Tire You Out

Source: EatThis

Running uphill while sweating up a storm and barely being able to breathe should not be the picture that comes to your mind when you think of running. In fact, a healthy running routine should be at a conversational pace and allow you to easily move without immediately fatiguing.

10. Too Much Sugar Will Give You A Sugar High

Source: FitsMag

Ever give a bunch of kids a bunch of sugar and expected them to get a real sugar rush. Turns out, sugar isn’t a stimulant and sugar high’s aren’t real. In fact, consuming a bunch of sugar will do the opposite due to the instant release into the bloodstream.

9. Soreness Is A Good Thing

Source: EatThis

Soreness is caused by micro tears that occur in the muscles after a workout. Soreness does not mean that you worked out efficiently.

8. The More You Sweat The More Calories You Burn

Source: EatThis

There are many factors that play into weight loss, burning calories, and sweating. Sweating to a certain degree can make you lose weight but only to a certain point.

7. Always Do Cardio On An Empty Stomach

Source: EatThis

Our bodies need energy to get going and if you’re doing cardio on an empty stomach then you will cause muscle wasting that will tear away at your body. It’s important to have energy to expend so that you can workout at your best.

6. Fat is Evil

Source: EatThis

Fats are not bad for you, in fact healthy fats are extremely necessary to your diet! Such fats include avocados, coconut oil, and omega 3s. These are work to keep your brain functioning properly and keep your hormone levels in check.

5. You Can Eat Whatever You Want As Long As You Exercise

Source: EatThis

Your diet affects your weight more than you’d believe. While working out can help you keep off the extra pounds, it won’t help you lose weight if you keep stuffing yourself full of junk.

4. Your Workouts Need To Be 45 Minutes Long

Source: EatThis

Your workouts need to challenge your body, so if you’re working out for longer but not working hard then it’ll all be for nothing. You can get better results through HIIT for just 10 minutes over 45 minutes of a laid-back routine.

3. Calorie Intake Doesn’t Vary By Person

Source: EatThis

While a box of crackers could say 110 calories per serving, you may not actually be taking in all of those calories. Your caloric intake rate is determined by your metabolism and your digestive system.

2. You Should Only Focus On Results You Can See

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If you’re only focusing on losing those 10 pounds or slimming down your thighs you actually wind up doing yourself a disservice in the long-run. By focusing more on a maintaining a healthier lifestyle you gain more from your fitness and diet improvements.

1. Lifting Light Weights is Pointless

Source: EatThis

You don’t have to lift super heavy weights to receive the benefits of lifting. You can lift light weights while doing many repetitions in order to achieve sculpted muscles.