Oh, sweet 80’s! Who doesn’t remember those flashy glittery years? Fortunately, many things have changed since then and we’re especially grateful for the music and fashion improvements. Thank God that shoulder pads are just a bad memory!

The biggest actors and singers from that decade were the most important trendsetters of that time, but what are they doing in the present and how did they aged? Check them out and we promise that there are tons of awkward surprises here.

40. Demi Moore


Demi Moore is for sure one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, so the fact that she still looks stunning doesn’t surprise us at all. She quit everything at the age of 16 in order to become an actress, and she took the world by storm with movies such as Ghost and G.I. Jane. Over the last few years, she tried to recover her status but her last two movies weren’t so successful. Unfortunately, Demi is not the only one struggling. #13 will definitely surprise you!

39. Madonna


Madonna is one of the most iconic stars from our list. She started out as a singer and fashion icon but she also has a few award winning movies under her belt. She is still one of the world’s biggest stars, but you won’t believe who’s coming next on our list! Who else thinks that these two could make a great couple?

38. Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise started his career when he was still a teenager in Endless Love, and although he’s in his mid-50s he still rocks action movies. He’s our all time favorite actor, although he lost a lot of fans after his divorce. He’s not the only one from our list who got involved in public speaking about religion. Just wait until you see #2 (Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club)!

37. Robert Downey Jr.


Robert Downey Jr.’s career didn’t start as well as you might think. He started out as a member of the Saturday Night Live team but he was barely appreciated. His career took off in 2008 when he got the main role in Iron Man. He is one of the highest paid celebrities. But he’s not the only one! Check out  Bill Murray at #31.

36. Kim Basinger


Never Say Never when it comes to Kim Basinger. Hollywood’s princess starred in movies like Batman, Blind Date and Fifty Shades Of Gray. Her career is getting stronger by the day,  but unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about the #24 lady on our list although she used to be a beast!

35. George Michael


George Michael started up as the leading singer on Wham! and amazed us all with his looks and vocal qualities. Alongside #14, he became a legend! After his death in 2014, his albums are still being sold. Check out the next singer to see how she handled her career!

34. John Cusack


John Cusack is one of the most enigmatic men on our list! The list of movies where he starred is bigger than we can even start to mention, but most of us know him from The Sure Thing and True Colors. Lately, he’s been busy with movies such as 2012, Arsenal and Singularity.

33. Cyndi Lauper


Cyndi Lauper is definitely the 80’s music icon! Her crazy looks and style captured everyone’s hearts with her hit Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Nowadays she is focusing on Broadway plays and humanitarian acts. We all love her so much, but wait until you see our favorite singer at #14!

32. Rob Lowe


Rob Lowe starred in The Outsiders when he was a teenager, and in St Elmo’s Fire a few years later. Although a few generations of moms love him ever since the 80’s and 90’s, new generations know him from the popular series Parks and Recreations. He’s one of the most charming men on this list, but we’re not sure if he can defeat Kevin Bacon at #21!

31. Bill Murray


The famous Bill Murray started out in the 80’s but he is best known for his role in Ghostbusters. Although time has not been kind to him, he still amazes us with his undeniable charm. Who’s in for more charmed 80’s actresses?

30. Alyssa Milano


Alyssa Milano surely broke a few thousand hearts from across the world when her first movie came out. Charmed was one of her biggest hits, and she still continues to work as an actress and a full-time mom. I guess that talent and beauty run in the family because her daughter already looks like a star.

29. Brooke Shields


Brooke Shields is THAT actress that everyone remembers from the 80’s. Her natural beauty astonished everyone when The Blue Lagoon was released, and her career keeps going strong, although she took a break to attend Princeton University. These ladies from our list are not just beautiful but also smart! Keep going to see who else took a break from acting in order to go to school.

28. Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer Connelly started out as a model but she transformed into an amazing actress after she caught everyone’s attention in Labyrinth. She still takes on important roles, while fighting for human rights to education.

27. Ralph Macchio


Ralph Macchio was a pretty big name in the 80’s after The Karate Kid movie came out. People still recognize him because of that role, although he tried to make a career in more grown-up productions. The next actor is still pretty famous although his story will break your heart.

26. Michael J. Fox


The Back to the Future star is still enjoying the fame although the movie was released back in the 90’s. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

25. Steve Guttenberg


Steve Guttenberg is the face of the Police Academy Franchise. Although his funny personality is the main thing that we love him for, the actor even appeared in Party Down as himself!
See what other actors from this comedy we gathered for your entertainment. The best is yet to come!

24. Linda Hamilton


Linda Hamilton became famous after her role in Terminator, where she played the toughest mom ever! Actually, this is what she does in her real life too, and that is taking care of her two kids.

23. Dianne Wiest


Acting comes so naturally to Dianne Wiest, that we almost can’t believe it! The award winning actress is still acting to this day and we can’t wait to see her laters movie. Talking about raw talent, can you guess which teenage actor comes next? Let us give you a hint!

22. Matthew Broderick


Matthew Broderick entered the Hollywood scene when he was still a teenager and quickly became known due to its iconic character from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He keeps entertaining us in movies like 30 Rock and many others.

21. Kevin Bacon


Footloose made Kavin Bacon a highly respected actor in Hollywood. He’s one of the biggest stars from the 80’s and he sure likes to make fun of it! The most iconic 80’s star is yet to come!

20. Glenn Close


In case you didn’t know that Glenn Close played in The Guardians of the Galaxy, you’re welcome! This awesome lady is rocking the big screen ever since 1982, and she keeps surprising us with challenging roles!

19. Matt Dillon


Matt Dillon started out as other actors from our list, in The Outsiders. It is already proven that his charm can get to any of us, so it’s not a surprise that his acting career is blooming! Nowadays you can see him in Wayward PinesThe next two actors don’t show any sign of stopping eighter!

18. Jon Cryer


Although we remember Jon Cryer from a few 80’s movies, his career peaked in 2003 when he started filming Two And A Half Men. After the series ended, John took a break but we can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

17. Jason Patric


Jason Patric is still breaking the hearts of women of all ages. The actor started out in Tough Love but became world wide famous after Speed 2 and Rush. He’s still rocking out the cinematic world and we can’t wait to see his next move!

The next star hasn’t changed a bit! Anxious to see who he is???

16. Mr. T


The A-Team made Mr. T famous during the 80’s. He next starred in Rocky but years eventually caught up with him. We’re glad to see that his personality hasn’t changed though.

15. Emilio Estevez


Charlie Sheen’s brother managed to make a career during the 80’s with movies such as The Breakfast Club and The Mighty Ducks. Nowadays, he’s focusing on directing. The next one is our favorite rock star!!!

14. David Lee Roth


Diamond Dave was rocking the music scene in the 80’s with hits like Jump and Hot For Teacher. His music is still being listened to by old and new generations.
The Van Halen singer made a comeback in 2006 and he’s still touring.

13. Kelly LeBrock


Kelly LeBrock was one of the 80’s stars that were especially known for her good looks. Being John Hughes’ favorite helped her career but nowadays she is only known for marrying Steven Segal.  Looking for more 80’s crushes? You will definitely remember the next lady, as you probably had at least two posters of her on your wall…

12. Tony Danza


Tony Danza started out as a modest boxer but after Who’s The Boss he won 3 Golden Globes. He’s now focusing on the silver screen while enjoying time next to his family. #8 and #5 weren’t so lucky…

11. Samantha Fox


Is there any man who doesn’t remember Samantha Fox? She used to be an actress, singer and model. Nowadays she gave up on all those things, and we last saw her on TV in 2016 when she entered Big Brother. I  bet that you also had a poster of the next Baywatch hottie! What about #6?

10. Erika Eleniak


Erika Eleniak is well known for her role in Baywatch. The actress had a few health problems during her youth, and that kept her away from the camera. But this didn’t stop her because she’s still interested in acting, and we can’t wait to see her next movie about Marilyn Monroe.

9. Jennifer Beals


Jennifer Beals was the star of Flashdance, and everybody loved her during the 80’s and 90’s. She is still following her acting career, and you’ve probably seen her in The L Word. The following star is mostly remembered for her connection to rich men, but also because of her beauty. Do you remember her?

8. Barbi Benton


Barbi Benton was married to Hugh Hefner for 7 years, and as expected, she covered 4 issues of his famous magazine. Although she tried developing her acting career, everything went down after their divorce. Rich men are known for picking beautiful famous actresses as their wives, and Barbi is not the only one on our list who found herself a sugar daddy.

7. Kelly McGillis


Kelly McGillis was a top actress in the 80’s after her big role in Top Gun, but afterward, she decided to take a break. Her career never recovered so now she’s focusing on teaching acting. The next lady on our list used to be one of the most beautiful women in the world!

6. Daryl Hannah


Daryl Hannah is best known for her role in Splash. The 80’s beauty also had hits like High Spirits or The Fury. Nowadays she’s doing her best to revive her acting career, but we haven’t heard from her in a lot of time.

5. Scott Baio


Everyone remembers Scott Baio from Charles in Charge but the actor also had important roles in movies such as Nickelodeon or The Nanny. He surely changed a lot since we first saw him, but the next actress looks as beautiful as ever! She started out as a child star but ended up giving up acting. Can you guess who she is?

4. Lisa Whelchel


Lisa Whelchel was in the Mickey Mouse Club but everyone remembers her from The Facts Of Life. Nowadays she focuses on her family and works as a motivational speaker.

3. Ricky Schroder


Ricky Schroder acted in Silver Spoons when he was only a kid, but his career hasn’t developed much since then. Check out the next child actor from the 80’s!

2. Judd Nelson


Judd Nelson is 80’s favorite bad boy and he definitely won our hearts in The Breakfast Club. Over the last few years, he starred in CSI and Two and a Half Men.

1. Robert Townsend


Robert Townsend was a big hit in the 80’s. Later on, he decided to focus on producing rather than acting, although he appeared in Playing for Love in 2013.