The famous brand Johnson & Johnson recently lost in court a trial that involves one of its famous products. It has been proven that their baby powder causes ovarian cancer if it is used for long periods of time, and the effects are devastating!

18. The Johnson & Johnson Scandal


A lot of women are using the Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder for personal hygiene, but very few know that are a few cases that have been registered, that show the awful effects that the product has on the body. You’d better think twice before buying it.

Although in the past the company denied the allegations, the truth has finally been spoken and it is heartbreaking to see how many women had to suffer because of it. This is the truth, and although it’s rough, you need to hear it.

17. Who Is Eva Echeverria?

The case of Eva Echeverria became known to the public after she reached out to the media, claiming that the usage of the Johnson & Johnson product destroyed her life and health. This is how everything started.

16. The Diagnosis

She started using it back in the 50s and she was diagnosed in 2007 when doctors gave her the worst news that a woman could get. The fact that she has ovarian cancer! But can you get cancer from baby powder?

But can you get cancer from baby powder? Unfortunately, we have some bad news that will break your trust in these products.

15. The Condition Is Spreading

At that time, the fact that the talcum powder gave Echeverria cancer was still unknown, but after other cases of women with the same condition appeared, it raised a question mark to the doctors that were treating her. You won’t believe what they did next.

14. The Official Answer

They said that there is no proof to link the baby powder to cancer, and the American Cancer Society backed them out, claiming that the evidence is not clear. And the question remains: Who should we trust?

13. Taking Measures For The Greater Good

But this didn’t stop Eva Echeverria! Infuriated with the fact that the company is hiding the truth, she decided to take things into her own hands.What she said to her lawyer will completely change your perspective on the whole story.

12. Raising Awareness

She sued the company, asking them to warn consumers about the risks that involve using their product so that other women would know better than she did. Their reaction was unbelievable! Wait until you see why.

11. The Company’s Answer

Johnson & Johnson’s spokeswoman said that although the company sympathizes with the women that got sick, the studies don’t show the fact that powder causes cancer. Echeverria’s honest response will melt your heart.

10. Taking It To Court

The attorney that represented Eva Echeverria said in court that his client isn’t doing this for the money or for the sympathy. She only wants to help other women. She continued to fight for every woman’s rights, although the feedback was disappointing. Johnson & Johnson strikes again with the following facts.

9. Showing Proof

The evidence presented in court included important documents that proved that the company knew about the risks, and about the connection between ovarian cancer and talc. And there’s more!

8. Warning The Public

Johnson & Johnson received in the past more than one warning signs but they refused to warn the public about this huge issue. The result came faster than everyone expected!

7. The Jury’s Award

The jury decided that the company has to pay $417million to the victim, but Johnson & Johnson decided to appeal the decision. But what happens to the other women that are stuck in the same situation?

6. Other Similar Cases

Another woman received $110 million after she was diagnosed with cancer, and there were also other trials with similar results. In St. Louis the claims of a sick woman were rejected for lack of evidence. So the answer remains, is the baby powder dangerous or not?

5. The Defence

Although the case of Eva Echeverria has raised awareness between women from around the globe, the company is preparing to defend itself. These are the incredible studies that they plan on using for building up their case!

4. What Is Changing?

The warning requested by Echeverria will not be written on the baby powder bottle, and unfortunately, the money she received after the trial might not be enough to save her. So what should women from around the world learn from this? Science comes to the rescue!

3. What Do Scientists Say?

Although the jury gave the win to the victims, the scientists are impartial. The first cases of talc powder linked to ovarian cancer were documented in 1982. But were they really caused by the product?

2. What Doctors Recommend

Scientists claim that it’s hard to tell if the powder is actually causing ovarian cancer, but they recommend women to avoid it because it has no health benefit when used for personal hygiene. So why risk it?

1.The Study

Some researchers claim that there is no actual proof, but long term exposure to the baby powder is still being studied.