Every parent knows the struggle of finding the perfect name for their baby. Searching it online or asking friends and family are just a few options because asking for advice sometimes turns out to be the perfect choice. But according to a new survey, 32% of people regret giving their babies some names.

You won’t believe what common names you’ll see on this list of unfortunate decisions.

20. Alex


“Alex” comes from “Alexandros”, which in Greek means “defending men”. Although it is a beautiful name that works both for girls and boys, some parents regret giving it to their baby because it is very common. It doesn’t sound that bad, right? Just wait until you see #10.

19. Jacob


“Jacob” is also a Greek name, but it is mostly known from the Old Testament. A lot of parents named their baby this way for the last 10 years. That’s why no one is surprised that it became one of the most common names. The next one is pretty cool because a real life princess was named after it!

18. Charlotte


Ever since Princess Charlotte was born, this name gained a lot of popularity. It is a lovely name, but wouldn’t you want your baby to have a more original name? It comes from French and it means “petite”, so it would still be a cute name for your baby girl. But royalty isn’t for everybody so #17 might be the smarter choice.

17. Amelia


“Amelia” sounds lovely but it actually means “Work”. Where’s the fun in that? It’s cool to give your kid a vintage name but think about her future before making that decision. If you’re still waiting to see a really awkward name, check out the next slide!

16. Elsa


Really? You’re wondering why giving your kid a name from a Disney cartoon is wrong? Just think about how will that sound like in 20 years from now. This is pretty awkward, but #9 is still our favorite!

15. May


“May” is a really common name and its meaning is as beautiful as you’d expect: “Child of Light”. But it was cool 30 years ago!

14. Frederick


“Frederick” is a very masculine name that means “Ruler”. Although it may seem like a good choice, think about the fact that other 50000 people have it, and most of them hate it. The next one might surprise you because you have at least 3 friends with that name…

13.  Daniel


“Daniel” means “God Is My Judge” and as you probably guessed, not many parents know this fact, although it’s one of the most used names even from the ’70s. But “Danny” is not the funniest nickname on this list!

12. Anthony


Another popular name that isn’t as cool anymore is “Anthony”.  Maybe a few movies with bad characters named this way did their job and people realized that they have other options. “Toni” is still not our favorite nickname. The best is yet to come!

11. Jay


The origin of this name is not very clear, but naming your baby “Jay” might be cool… if you were living in the 60s! If you’re still not sure that picking a common name for your kid is not such a good idea, check out the next 2 slides as they will surprise you for sure.

10. Meldor


Now Meldor is something special! Until your kid grows up and he realizes that his name sounds like something coming from Mordor. People started using it over the last few years though. And although it is hard to believe, #7 is even worst. 

9.  Jack


“Jack” is the most common name in Scotland so if you make the decision of naming your baby this way you will soon notice that five of his friends have the same name. We can’t believe that people actually gave the following name to their babies!

8. Appaloosa


YES, you read that right. A few modern families actually decided to name their babies “Appaloosa”. The good news is that apparently, it’s unisex, but do your kid a favor and think about the real danger before giving him/her an embarrassing name. The next one is surprising because it’s actually the name of a fictional city!

7. Gotham


Are you a Batman fan? That’s great! But before picking this name think about the fact that your kid will probably loathe it. Although it sounds funny for the most of us, there are actually a few kids in America named “Gotham”. If you don’t want your kid to hate you, you’d better not pick the next one.

6. Lily


What a lovely name! Too bad that 10 of your friends are called like this! As sweet as it sounds, “Lily” is one of the most common names in history. The next one is surprising as it belongs to an A-List celebrity’s kid!

5. James


Over the past few years “James” was one of the favorite boy names ever. And then Ryan Reynolds named his first baby girl like this. You can probably tell that baby girls named James appeared everywhere! The best name on this list is still yet to come so hold tight to find out why #2 is our all time favorite. The following one belongs to one of the coolest actresses!

4. Ruby


This sweet but sexy name is trendy even since 1900. The Actress Ruby Rose is probably helping with its recent increase in popularity.  #3 is so random, I can’t believe that I almost gave it to my daughter.

3. Birdie


If you didn’t have a bird named “Birdie” when you were a kid then you can choose this name for your baby girl. It’s not that common but we have to admit that it takes a little bit of courage to do it.

Are you passionate about English literature? You’d better not pick the next embarrassing name for your baby boy…

2. Romeo


Best known from Shakespeare’s masterpiece, “Romeo” is a very popular name in Europe. Lately, it has gained popularity in the U.S but not everybody enjoys it. The following name on this list is so weird that I haven’t heard it in 20 years. People do actually give it to their babies?



“Marietta” was popular in the 30s and to be honest it sounds a little strange. It means “Sorrow”, so why would some parents decide to pick this negative name for their baby? Check out the bonus names to see if you missed the one that you were thinking of choosing for your baby.

Here are some bonus baby names:



“Liam” is the most popular name in 2017 so we’re guessing that Liam Hemsworth had something to do with that. It sounds pretty cool but think about the fact that in a few years a lot of boys will be named the same as your kid.



Parents confessed that they regret naming their baby girls “Ava” because everyone keeps calling them “Eve”. So it’s best to avoid it if you’re not ready for these types of conversations. Although it’s one of the cutest names so far, it can’t get better than #1!



“Isabella” means “Devoted To God”, but it lost its meaning after every baby girl started using the nickname “Bella”. Parents regret taking this decision because even their kids forget sometimes that Bella or Izzy are just nicknames and not their real name. The next one is the weirdest name ever!



Over the last few years “Bailey” became a favorite between American parents. Some of them end up regretting it because it’s hard to tell if it’s a boy or a girl’s name.