It’s time we get past boring desserts at events such as weddings. With all these trends that include fancy dessert bars, amazing cocktails and gourmet dishes, it’s a must that the wedding cake remains the star of the evening. Besides the bride, of course. Old school designs are no longer requested or appreciated, so the bakers stood up their game in order to create edible masterpieces.

These wedding cakes surely made a statement, just wait until you see #5 and #9, they are our favorite!

20. Emerald

Elegance has never looked better on a cake. The emerald touch gives it a classy look, and the best thing is that you can pick any color you want.

19. Why Not Try Something Unusual?

Although this cake doesn’t seem like the usual pick for a wedding, we must give cred to this baker for his skills. It almost feels like it’s about to take off! Get ready for even more fantastic designs because we’re not done yet!

18. The Best Choice For Vegans

If you thought that vegetables have no place in cakes, here is the proof that they actually can work wonders. This beauty has over 400 “sweet vegetables” and the interior is made out of 15 kg of fresh, healthy vegetables. It costs about £6,000 but it is all worth it.

17. The Dreamy Carousel

A unicorn made out of rainbows! This fun cake has 80 kg and it looks like pure joy. If you’re wondering how much your dream cake costs, you should know that it reaches £3,000. If this didn’t steal your heart, just wait until you see #15.

16. The Bouquet

This bouquet looking cake is 100% edible and it can serve 10 people. If you have a bigger wedding, you can add it as a decoration on top of a bigger cake. It costs about £745 but it’s worth every penny.

15. The Marble Cake

Marble patterns look great on almost everything and cakes make no exception. If you’re looking for a geometrical design with just a dash of charm, adding a few pastel flowers might be the best solution for your magical event.

14. Your Venue In A Cake

This traditional looking cake will definitely steal everyone’s eye at your wedding. Just when you thought that it can’t get any better, spin it around to show everyone why you spend all that money on a cake.

13. Spring Is Finally Here

Every nature enthusiast must have a Spring inspired cake at their wedding. What better design to pick other than the beauty Mother Nature provides? Pick your favorite flower and let your baker know. If you like this one, you won’t believe that the next one is even better

12. Rainbow Dream

This cake is revolutionizing the dessert bar. Your guests can actually help themselves with these flavored meringues. It can serve up to 200 people and it promises to satisfy every sweet tooth in the room.

11. A Forest In A Cake

Wood inspired cakes never stop to amaze us. Every flower is edible and has different flavors. If you’re still not convinced, keep in mind that #9 took the nature design to a whole new level!

10. The Candy Shop

Do you know that feeling we used to get when we saw piles of candy when we were kids? This cake will definitely bring back some of those memories. The look on your guests’ faces will be priceless! It costs about £1,500 and it serves 200 people. Pretty cool, right?

9. Spring Fairytale

Recreating those flowers took more than 15 hours so you can only imagine the amount of work bakers put into making these pieces of art.

8. Geometry Love

Cobalt blue never looked better on a cake! If you’re a perfectionist who likes geometrical shapes, putting this passion into a cake may result into a one of a kind dessert for your wedding. If you think that you’ve seen it all, just wait until you see the next slide. It will blow you away!


7. Corpse Bride Wedding Cake

Being a Tim Burton fan has its perks especially if you decide to get a Corpse Bride inspired cake. You may have a few guests wondering where are those images from but don’t mind them! Having your dream cake is more important. 

6.  The Ripple Effect

This cake is appropriate for weddings but it can also be a great birthday dessert. The frosting looks messy, but that’s what makes it so wonderful. This one is pretty cool, but #3 is our favorite.

5. The Artist

If you’re interested in a fun cake for your party, give this one a try. Not every wedding has to be dreamy because sometimes fairy tales are all about the fun!

4.Delicate Patels

The traditional white cake with a twist!

3. The Trashed Cake

This masterpiece is clearly not your classic wedding cake. Its trashy look makes it even more irresistible. Who knew that lace and chaos would make such a great combination?

2. The Rotating Cake

This cake is likely to steal the show at every event because the top layer actually floats! The mechanism is not visible to the eye, which makes it even more incredible. If you’re still not impressed, you should also know that the other layers are rotating!

1.Palace Cake

This one takes the cake! Pun intended 🙂