After moving into their brand new home, a Redditor named Matt and his wife stumbled across an amazing secret that had been hidden away in the house. While moving boxes into a closet for storage, they came across an inconspicuous trap door on the floor. What they were about to find will shock and amaze you!


17. Hiding Right Beneath Them


Matt and his wife had just moved into their new home and were trying to make space a little more livable by sliding some boxes into a closet for the time being until they could get to unpacking them later.

But when Matt slid the boxes into the closet, they seemed to have snagged something on the floor.

He slid them back out to investigate what the object was…


16. A Crazy Discovery




This is when Matt discovered the handle which was almost hidden in the parquet floor pattern. Intrigued by this mysterious trap door handle, Matt was eager to open it but his wife was super nervous about what they might find. They’re minds started racing with what could be hidden below their floor.

Are you scared about what they’ll find? We are too! Let’s find out…

15. A Mysterious Tunnel?



The couple’s minds were going wild with ideas about what could be hidden below the floor boards of their home, but unlike what they had envisioned, it certainly was not a creepy secret tunnel. What they found instead when they lifted the trap door was this…

14. Black Plastic Sheets…



As soon as they popped the trap door out, they noticed the black plastic sheets. This is never a good sign…

So what exactly was hidden under those sheets??? 

13. Bones




These black plastic sheets Matt and his wife found themselves staring at looked awfully similar to the body bags they use on their favorite crime scene investigation shows. This was getting all too real for the couple.

But it was not the bones of poor souls they found. In fact there was something else which was tucked almost out of their sight until Matt spotted it:

12. Tucked Out of Sight



Matt took a deep breath and looked further into the hole. That’s when he saw it. A wooden box covered in cobwebs. He dragged the box out to have a closer look at it.

The couple started to think that there was either something very valuable or something very foul in this box for someone to go to such lengths to hide it.

Are you curious as to why someone would hide a box beneath a floor?

11. The Heavy Mysterious Box




The couple dusted off the heavy box and took a better look at it. They were scared and eager to open it up, but what if there was something awful inside like a murder weapon, or a human hand?!

Whatever it was, they were about to find out… 

10. Locked Up With No Key



With no key in sight, there was no easy way into the box.  So, Matt had to come up with a clever method of busting it open without destroying the beautiful woodwork.

How did he open it? Well, just wait until you see his clever method!

9. Don’t Ruin the Box, Matt!



The box was beautifully ornate and looked as if someone had put a lot of work into making it.

Matt’s wife told him to be extra careful not to ruin it while he used some handy tools to MacGyver it open.

8. Their Poor Cat Was So Anxious!



While Matt was trying to figure out ways to get the box open, the suspense was driving their cat crazy! She was so anxious, she decided to hide in a box!

But Matt was nearly there and found  a way to get the box open!

7. The Break In




With a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer, Matt was able to slide the slotted head of the screwdriver between the locking mechanism of the box and lid and lightly hammer it until the lid sprung open!

This is the moment we have been waiting for! Was the couple about to be mortified?…

6. What on Earth Had They Found?



We can assure you, Matt and his wife certainly did not find any grotesque monsters inside that box! But what they did find was something entirely different:

5. It’s a Treasure Chest!





Along with the coins, Matt and his wife found gold rings stashed inside. They just couldn’t believe what they had found and there was something more they saw tucked inside the lining…

4. What’s That Hidden in the Lining?




Coins and rings aren’t the only valuables in this box. As you can see, there appears to be something tucked inside the red velvet lining of the box!

What could it be? 



Tucked inside the red velvet lining of the wooden box was something else that caught their eyes. When they pulled it out, a plastic sleeve revealed a vintage Silver Surfer collector’s card! This has got to be worth something!


And we can’t forget about the fact that there’s still ANOTHER BOX INSIDE A BOX!

The plot thickens… What could be in this small box they wondered?… 

3. The Box Within a Box



And like the first one, this box was all locked up too. Unless they could find the key, Matt would have to put his handy lock-picking skills to use once more to open this little box of mystery.


Alas, they were in luck! Check out what Matt’s wife found:



While sorting through the coins, Matt’s wife spotted a tiny key suitable for the tiny lock. They were in luck!

It’s time to find out what’s hiding in box #2!!!

2. Human Hands???




While this was indeed something that could have fit in that box, thankfully it was not what the couple found. Pheww!!!

What they were about to reveal was something of extreme value:

1. The Jackpot



The couple had stumbled upon a jackpot! But just when you thought the story was over, the plot thickens…

The couple had gotten themselves so excited that they didn’t even realize there was someone else with them this whole time.

You’re not going to believe who was there…

Their Dog!


The couple may have been super pumped about this spectacular find, however their dog did not appear to be phased one bit by the events that unfolded that day.

It’s okay guys, we’re happy for you and glad you didn’t stumble upon any bodies or monsters in your basement!


That’s not all!

Check out some of the most interesting coins Matt and his wife set aside from the mystery box collection. The designs on some of these ancient coins are unlike anything you’ve seen:

Currencies From all Over the World



These coins were truly a sight to behold. Some of them were so old that they were too tarnished to make out a date or value! But the detail in other more well preserved coins is truly remarkable.

Just look at the details in the metal:

Ancient Coins




Someone must have been very proud of their collection to take such great care of everything the way they had. Matt even realized something about the pocket watches he found…

Still in Working Condition



Although they may not have been set to the right time, Matt was surprised that these antique pocket watches were still in working order and keeping time.

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