15. The Obesity Epidemic

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In the United States, the obesity epidemic is exploding. Not only are we considered to be one of the unhealthiest nations in the world, but up to 37% of the U.S. total population is considered obese according to the latest statistics. This has led to a rise in coronary heart disease and a higher mortality rate when it comes to our citizens. In response, healthcare has become a huge focus in our political world as healthy eating programs are implemented into schools and states do everything they can to combat the epidemic. However, one woman isn’t interested in joining the health wave. In fact, she is looking to defy it…

14. Defying Societies Norms

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Donna Simpson never set out to weigh more than 600 lbs, in fact, her weight didn’t explode until she met her first husband. According to Donna, she always struggled with her weight as a child and when her mother died, her stepmother put her on diet pills at the young age of eight. Unfortunately, the pills and diets didn’t work. As she reached 350 lbs, Donna met what she thought was the love of her life…

13. Big is Beautiful

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Donna revealed that her first husband had no issues with her weight at all and even encouraged her to eat. After having her son Devon, Donna’s weight skyrocketed to over 600 lbs. It was then her husband decided to leave her. Unable to move and having to fend for herself, Donna began to explore the world of online modeling for big women.

12. The Man of Her Dreams

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It was on one of these fetish sites that Donna met the man of her dreams, Philippe. At the time Donna lived in Ohio and he lived in New Jersey. After one visit they fell in love and Donna became pregnant with her daughter, so she decided to move her family out there. Even though Philippe was married, he promised to provide for her and stated he would leave his wife at the right time.

11. Pitifully Fat

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The BBC did a story on Donna, catapulting her into a viral sensation. She has fans from around the world who send her food and gift cards so she can eat more. At the time of the news story she weighed close to 700 lbs and showed no signs of stopping her weight gain. In fact, her boyfriend Philippe encouraged it.

10. She Works Hard for the Money

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Philippe pushed Donna into the world of big and beautiful modeling on a site known as “Big Bombshells.” Donna would eat live on camera, as well as do photo sets of herself chained to a fridge and eating. While most would find this completely humiliating, Donna felt like an online superstar.

9. A Local Celebrity

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Donna also became a local celebrity in New Jersey, where she frequented many of the dining establishments. One of her favorite places was a deli called Torino’s which supplied a vast menu of goodies to enjoy.

8. Eating for Five

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During her story that aired on BBC, Donna took the reporter to Torinos where he tried to match her bite-for-bite, something he called almost a sort of “punishment” after awhile. One meal for Donna included: 2 tuna melts, three sides of fries, an 18-inch sub with three different meats, cheese and extra mayo, as well as her onion rings. We feel sick just thinking about it.

7. A Chubby Chaser’s Dream Girl

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According to Donna, she is the epitome of beauty for men who love chubbier women. In fact, in one interview she referred to herself multiple times as “the Beyonce of fat lovers.” Whatever you say girl!

6. Screw the Haters

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Since her story aired and Donna became a hot topic, she says she’s received not only new fans, but a massive amount of hate mail. Not only was she reported to social services, but she received multiple death threats as well. Of course, Donna isn’t letting the hate get her down, it only fuels her to eat more!

5. A Different Way of Life

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For Donna, she simply sees her life as a different way to live and doesn’t want to be judged for it. She is a good mother and makes sure both of her children have all their needs met despite her size.

4. Unable to Stand for Long Periods

Image: Daily Mail

One of the downsides to Donna’s major weight gain is it has made her mobility very limited. She struggles to stand for long periods of time and must use a wheel chair when out and about. However, Donna doesn’t mind it and neither does her boyfriend.

3. The Bigger, The Better

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Despite the downsides to her weight, Donna strives to become one of the fattest women in the world. In fact, she told the BBC reporter that she hopes she can top over 1,000 pounds! Think about that for a second, ONE THOUSAND POUNDS.

2. Fifteen Minutes of Fame

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The admission of wanting to weigh 1,000 pounds hit the Internet like a firestorm, with everyone believing that Donna truly wanted to be 1,000 pounds. Since the interview aired, Donna has since tried to go back on the statement, saying she was just talking in generalizations.

1. A Different Type of Family

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Despite her different views on life, Donna doesn’t seem to want to stop her gaining and is pretty happy with her body thus far. Although her life is very unconventional, she plans to continue her quest to be one of the largest women in the world. So what’s next for Donna? Well, she hopes to get her own reality show. Would you tune in?