Scrolling through Instagram and seeing all of these images of luxurious vacations, designer fashions and expensive cars posted by some of the hottest and most privileged people in the world can make you feel like you aren’t amounting to anything in life.  That’s where Australian comedian, Celeste Barber, comes in and slaps us back into reality. For awhile now, Barber has been recreating some of the most popular celebrity Instagram pics, but with a much-needed touch of realism. Her recreations are hilarious, relatable and remind us that no matter what filter someone puts on a picture, life isn’t always as rosy for some people as they make it out to be. You’re not going to believe what Celeste pulls off in what could be her best comedic work!

She imitates Nicki Minaj in #5, and it will have you in tears, and you won’t believe who we saved for last.


22. Strong relationships are built on trust

Trust and in my case, a little less carbs would probably would have helped in this situation. But hey, life isn’t a beautiful ray of sunshine that lights up your face perfectly for that perfect Instagram pic like in this next image.

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