24. Retiring and Stressed

Image: O** Lane

When retiring police deputy Tony Scherb stepped into the elevator at his office, he had no idea that the security cameras were rolling. He was a well-respected member of the force and someone many of the officers looked up to, but the stress of his job was beginning to take its toll. However, the world would soon find out how Tony let off some steam…

23. A 29-Year Career

Image: O** Lane

Due to retire in 2016, Tony was one of his department’s longest-serving officers in El Paso County, which is located in Colorado. He worked with the traffic and transport units for over 29-years and was well-liked by his fellow colleagues. However, the time had come to pass the baton and move onto his next phase in life.

22. El Paso County



El Paso County is one of the 63 counties in the state of Colorado, and the police department is responsible for keeping over 663,000 residents safe. That can be a pretty stressful job considering the cop to civilian ratio. Nevertheless, the law enforcement officers that make up the county’s department try to maintain sanity while working in the midst of danger and the stress that comes along with it. Many cops de-stress in their own way, and Tony Sherb is no different…

21. A Traffic Cop


No one would think a traffic cop, no matter how much he was liked by his colleagues, could possibly be as goofy, fun, and unpredictable as Tony is–he sure is one of a kind. He’s always been kind and generous, but no one could have guessed what they were about to learn about their long-time friend. This goes to show you, you never really know someone and even the most predictable people can surprise you…

20. An Emotional Time


When it’s finally time to retire, it may not be as stress-free as one may think. Retiring can be a time filled with lots of emotions ranging from joy, anxiety, fear, to excitement. Although it can be a great time to start a new chapter in one’s life, the fear and anxiety of the unknown can be overwhelming–especially if you’ve been at the same job for almost 30 years. Some of us use stress balls to alleviate any excess stress, while some of us use breathing exercises to calm us down, but you’ll never guess how Tony deals with stress…

19. The Culprits


What you’re about to see will not only make you laugh, but you may end up chasing down the video surveillance because it’s just that good. With every great discovery, there are always people to thank for the hard work and preparation that goes into the project, which is why we must thank the two technicians pictured above. Yes, these two were told by upper management to install the cameras to increase safety measures, but they also decided to keep the camera a secret and because they did, the internet got to watch one of the funniest moments ever caught on tape

18. Unexpected Security Footage

Image: O** Lane

Thanks to frequent malfunctions at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the department had installed a security camera in the elevator to ensure the safety of the passengers if it happened to get stuck. However, Tony’s co-workers never expected to catch him doing this one afternoon…

17. Let Us Not Judge


To be fair, what Tony did isn’t that far fetched, even if most of us don’t like to admit that we sing at the top of our lungs when we’re home alone. When most of us think no one is watching, we do some pretty crazy things considering it’s one of the few times we can express ourselves without judgment. Although Tony wasn’t in the comfort of his own home, he used the few minutes of “alone time” that he had in the elevator and put them to good use…

16. Getting in the Groove

Image: O** LANE

At first, Tony walked into the elevator alone and appeared to be checking his phone while the hit song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” played quietly. However, after a few moments, Tony really started to feel the music, throwing in a few moves every now and then. Tony’s choice in music may surprise you, but it’s a perfect example of why it’s important never to judge a book by its cover.

15. The Famous Song


If you’re unfamiliar with the song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”, I thought I’d give you a little background information so that you can fully understand the hilariousness of the situation. The song was released in 2015 by the hip-hop/R&B artist Silentó, and famously has a dance that goes with it. The dance has many moves that it incorporates, but perhaps what makes it such an enjoyable dance to watch, is that it calls for a lot of personal touch and creativity. Many rap/hip-hop artists have been recorded performing the dance to the song, but Tony’s version got him a surprising amount of attention.

14. Time to Cut the Rug

Image: O** LANE

Despite knowing he was probably being watched, Tony really started to let loose. Strike a pose there, Mr. T! Those are some serious moves you’re beginning to pull out. Some could argue with poses like this, Tony was used to preforming his awesome dance moves, while others are convinced there is no way he would have done this publicly…

13. Strike a Pose

Image: O** LANE

Soon Tony was joined by another officer as he began to lip sync and show off his dancing skills. As you can see, she’s not that impressed. Who knows, maybe she’s ready to bust some of her own moves out…are we about to witness a dance off?!

12. The Power of Music

Image: O** LANE

The officer tries to maintain her composure, but soon becomes engulfed by the rhythm of the music. She starts to join in as Tony begins to perform the signature “stanky leg” move. These two should really go on the road, don’t you think?

11. A Strict Professional


The initial look of shock and confusion that the joining officer gives Tony is due to the fact that Tony was always described as being extremely professional, according to the departments Facebook page. It must have been some sight seeing the most professional man in the office bust out moves that only a teenager could perfect. 

10. Fun’s Over!

Image: O** LANE

Unfortunately, Chief Deputy Evans arrives on the scene, immediately ending their dance party. Tony even offered the Chief a salute, despite the music still playing in the background.

9. What’s Really Going on in Here?

Image: O** LANE

Evans seems suspicious of the two secretive dancers, and Tony and the officer begin to think they have stepped into some serious trouble. Or maybe the years in the force have sparked Evans interest in the quick change of mood and he wants in…

8. Three’s a Crowd

Image: O** LANE

Thankfully, Chief Evans gets off on the next floor and they are joined by another officer who is more into their elevator dance routine. All three begin to get down to the beat, rocking back and forth as they perform the “superman.” We have to admit, we’ve never had this much fun in an elevator before.

7. Uh-oh Here Comes the Sheriff

Image: O** LANE

Unfortunately, the dance party is brought to a stop when Sheriff Bill Elder gets on the elevator. All three rogue dancers quickly stop their antics, nervous they may have taken things one step too far. The boss is in the room, what is there to do?!

6. Sheriff Wants in on the Action

Image: O** LANE

Sheriff Bill isn’t one to be left out though and starts to break down a few moves of his own. Breathing a collective sigh of relief, Tony and his backup dancers begin to jive with the beat again. As you can see, everyone is obviously highly skilled at busting a move.

5. A YouTube Hit

Image: O** LANE

As a tribute to his service and out of love for Tony, the police department posted the elevator footage on YouTube where it has garnered over 8 million views. That’s pretty impressive we have to say!

4. Letting Go and Having Fun

Image: O** LANE

Since are living in some seriously troubling times where police officers are under more scrutiny than ever, it’s nice to see these cops joining together as friends. The world definitely needs more laughter and joy these days.

3. Celeb Status

Image: O** LANE

Even though the police department usually only posts videos of recent arrests or current suspects on the run, they felt this one time they would allow for some fun. Thankfully, it’s been well-received by the public, turning Tony into an Internet sensation!

2. Inspiration


Not only is Tony now an internet sensation, but he bridged the gap between officer and civilian, making him an inspiration to us all during these trying times. He is also an inspiration to many other law enforcement agents who wish they had an officer like him in their department as it would have lifted everyone’s spirits. The candid moments caught on tape shows how police officers are simply human, just like us. Who knew this song would have brought so many people together in such a silly way.

1. Departement Facebook


Many of us use Facebook to connect with long lost friends or family member that live too far, while others use it to stay current and learn new information. For the El Paso County’s Police Department, they use their Facebook to connect with the locals as well as a way to cherish the relationship between officer’s and their accomplishments. Sharing the video on their Facebook page was a way for them to keep his free flowing spirit around even after he retired.