A good police dog requires some strong qualities in order to be on the “front line”, such as dominant instincts. Police dogs have to be strong and they must have a keen sense of smell so that they can do their job. But this new recruit named Gavel, a German Shepherd puppy, had a different set of skills which led to an entirely different type of experience with the police force…

21. A Pup With Big Dreams


For Gavel the puppy, life was meant for much more. He was a small dog with big dreams of becoming a crime-fighting dog!

Stick around for #10, which will have some hilarious video footage that will leave you grinning ear-to-ear 🙂

20. Gavel is Recruited by the Police Service!


While Gavel was smart enough to become an attorney and fight for legal rights, Gavel was instead recruited by the Queensland Police Service from Eastern Australia and was about to embark on an exciting career adventure. There was a lot in store for the rookie pup, and working with insurance or loans was certainly not on the map!

19. Accepted Into The K9 Unit


While Gavel’s online law degree didn’t end up being useful in this case, the pooch had a nice future in the K-9 unit. He had to learn how to catch bad guys, or as he calls it, pest control. This would mean rigorous training for Gavel. But Gavel was different from his other classmates in the K9 Unit…

18. Stranger Danger!


Gavel was a good boy. However, his trainers believed that he was almost too good when he started greeting strangers. How could this be when his family blood was such a great match for the job? Gavel was running out of time to convince his trainers that he could catch criminals in just 16 months time.

17. Sent to the Dog House


Sadly, Gavel was given the boot from the K9 Unit. His efforts in training were simply not enough and he just couldn’t muster up that intimidating persona his trainers were looking for. Gavel could have fallen to a life of slots and casinos, but he spoke to some friends in high places that gave him some hope.

You see, he grew up in a very special place and had certain connections.

16. Gavel’s Personal Connection


It certainly does help to have friends in high places! Since Gavel grew up in the official residence of the Queensland Governor Paul De Jersey, an expert in asset management and banking,  he was able to land himself a new job! And he truly did excel in his new position. Now he can finally buy that 2017 Toyota he always dreamed of!

Just wait until you see some of his achievements:

15. Gavel’s Crowning Achievements 


After more than a year since he got “fired” from the Police Service, Gavel has had many accomplishments, including four ceremonial coats and a significant career change. During his time in the office, he brought so much joy to thousands of people who visited the Official House. And that’s not all…

He’s a TV Star!


Gavel has appeared on a number of TV broadcasts with Governor De Jersey, he has been presented with awards on air, and he is also a bit of a Youtube star! This pup certainly isn’t shy when it comes to the limelight. He loves to dabble with his Go-Pro camera and make his own Youtube videos in his spare time!

Stick around after #10 if you want to get a chuckle out of Gavel’s Go-Pro footage!

14. Official Cuddle Bug


When he’s not busy being filmed or making Youtube videos, Gavel loves to seek attention and be cuddled by staff and visitors. That’s his main responsibility after all. He makes a solid effort in gathering as many belly rubs and scratches as he possibly can in a days work and when you’re a handsomely dressed doggo like Gavel, it sure isn’t too difficult to fill that quota!

Check out his swanky uniforms:

13. New Uniform


Doesn’t he look fetching in his new getup?! We think he would look handsome in just about any outfit, but he sure does look like one professional doggo here. He even likes to dress up in uniform for ceremonies too!

Dressed to Impress 


Since Gavel absolutely adores humans, he pays attention to the ceremonies and he never forgets that a true gentleman has to dress in order to impress. With his new uniforms, Gavel is ready to take on his role in the Queensland Government House and you won’t believe what sort of stuff he gets to do here!

12. Gavel’s New Job Description


Besides welcoming guests and tour groups inside the Government House, Gavel is responsible for attending functions with Governor De Jersey. The pup is quite a socialite and the Governor couldn’t be happier to have him by his side. Gavel even sits in on some very important briefings with the Governor and he’s pretty good at it too. And it wouldn’t be official if he didn’t have a job contract in place!

Official Job Security Contract


Signed, sealed, delivered! Gavel is an official government employee. He was officially sworn in with the title of Vice-Regal Dog and adopted by the Governor himself. Life was about to get even better for the pup who got fired from his Police Service job.

11. A Dog Who Found His Purpose


Although he got kicked out of the Police Academy, Gavel was lucky to find his family in a loving home, surrounded by everything he could ever want for. He also got to meet a very special person..

Happily Ever After 


Gavel and the Governor have developed a very special friendship since Gavel took to office work and the Governor says that he hopes that they will enjoy Gavel’s companionship for a very long time. Who would have thought that this poor pup who was fired for being “too nice” would end up in his dream job with his dream family. May Gavel live happily ever after!

Want to go on a tour with Gavel?? Watch his Go Pro footage of him showing off his crib next:

10. Gavel’s Crib!

Check out Gavel’s amazing home! As you will see he’s very proud of how far he’s come and he’s even going to show you some of his friends!

Stay tuned after the video for more photos of Gavel posing around the Government House!

9. Gavel The Vice-Regal Dog


When you’re such a dashing lad like Gavel, it’s easy to see why he gets so much attention. He really knows how to dress and just look at these upcoming poses!

8. Posing is Another Must for the Job


How could one not love to pose when you have Gavel’s grace? He seems to be a natural! And do you know who he most enjoys posing with?

7. His Family


Gavel is not treated as just an employee at the Governor’s House, he’s a part of the family and he is loved and adored by the Governor and his wife as well as the guests that visit them.

He just can’t help being the center of attention and it’s clear to see since he’s sitting so nicely for official portraits. He’s also pretty good at being a jokester!

6. Gavel the Jokester 


“I just know there’s another fry in that bag!”

His position as a Regal dog requires manners, but sometimes Gavel likes to groove. Since he’s so friendly, he certainly knows what having fun means and how to entertain! He even has his own Youtube videos…

A Youtube Personality Too?! 


Well, Gavel may not be one of the biggest Youtube personalities, but you can see what a day in the life is like as he takes you for a stroll around the Queensland Government House in his videos.

It’s safe to say that Gavel does not miss the Police Service one bit! He has found his true calling and has a much better life with the Governor and his family. Just look at how proud he is…

5. Hanging up the Uniform


With this promising new career, Gavel puts the Police Service behind him and looks forward with pride. He may not have been cut out for that line of work but he sure has excelled in his new job.

Gavel is not the only dog who has an important career, there are many other heart-melting pups who have taken on some amazing professions, like rescuing people from avalanches! Want to see??

4. Keena the Avalanche Rescue Dog



Keena has quite an extreme job. She is responsible for performing search and rescue in avalanche situations and has aided in locating people in trouble. The next ones help those who need it most!

3. Diabetic Alert Dogs


Diabetic assistance dogs are capable of helping their humans by detecting diabetic episodes and bringing them their insulin medication.

This next dog job is a really amazing one and will truly warm your heart when you learn about it.

2. Psychiatric Support Dogs


Psychiatric support dogs offer assistance to humans with mental health disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or schizophrenia. They are able to assist their owner’s by getting medication to them when they need it and by escorting them to calmer environments and surroundings.

1. Virtual and Mobility Assistance Dogs



Virtual and mobility assistance dogs are able to navigate the visually and mobility impaired safely on their day-to-day journeys.

These dogs certainly are amazing at what they do and might even be better suited with the job title of “Super Hero Dogs” instead!