Follow us on this amazing DIY School Bus transformation and be sure not to miss the before and after (#15 for the interior before, and #2 for the interior after). The jaw-dropping transformation will make you want to buy a School Bus of your own!

20. Taking on a New Challenge

Michael Talley, a young Texan, might just be the perfect role model for people who are struggling to overcome adversity in their lives.

Sold to the Highest Bidder!
Day 1: Mike recalls how he spent $2,200 in a bidding war against various other buyers as soon as Austin Independent School District bus sales went live. 

Although it was a steep price for him to pay at the time, Michael had to make this work. His day job as a t-shirts graphics designer was so-so, and with the monthly $1200 rent going in against a studio apartment, the prospect of a bright future was looking bleak.

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