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This Is Why Everybody Is Picking On Justin Bieber

This Is Why Everybody Is Picking On Justin Bieber
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Being a celebrity isn’t something a lot of people are prepared to face. And when they suddenly emerge as a great star in the music industry and become famous all over the world, some start losing their identity and turn into a whole different person. That’s what happened to Justin Bieber too. He took for granted the fact that he became famous and disregarded being a good person. Even though he has a lot of fans that adore him, we think there are a lot of reasons to not like him as a person and as a celebrity.

Has Weird Demands

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One of many weird demands that he has is taking with him his washing machine and fridge to any place he stays for a while. Imagine all that hustling of heavy items around in trucks and planes and for what?

He Is Disrespectful

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He was once interviewed by a magazine and he was asked what was his opinion on abortion after a case of rape. His answer was shocking, showing disregard in a serious matter saying that everything happened for a reason.
Luxury Cars

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He asks to have at his disposal buses, luxury cars and a Rolls Royce whenever he’s on tours so he and his entourage can be transported anywhere they want to go.

Hotel Suites

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He has a thing for making the hotel staff remodel his suites in all white furniture and antique items. Also, the people that tour with him have to be in the same hotel, taking up to three floors and an exclusive elevator reserved only for him.

Personal Masseuse

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Anywhere he goes, he has his masseuse fly with him so he can snap his fingers and get a massage. Also, get this: his massage table is shipped too.

He Refused Community Service

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After he threw eggs at his neighbors’ house, he was fined and also took sessions regarding his anger management. He was also supposed to serve five days of community service but he dodged it by faking ankle pain after he played some football.


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He’s tweeting way too many pictures of his body as if he’s the only guy in the world who has a six pack. Let’s not mention about his naked posterior in a picture on Instagram.

Free Clothing

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When he was on tours, he asked that he was provided with many clothes such as tank tops, tees, socks and other undergarments of different sizes. Can’t he just have his own stuff packed like he does with his fridge?


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At the age of 19 he was arrested for car racing in Florida. He didn’t get it why he was arrested as if he was above the law. He was also under alcohol influence at that time.

No Respect For The Fans


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Fans can be a little too much and get on one’s nerve but when you’re famous you have to show respect, especially when you show up at concerts. Bieber made them wait for two hours in Germany.

He Thinks He’s The New Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain was a great singer who respected fans and also participated in concerts for gay rights awareness. When someone opposite to an amazing star says he’s the new Kurt Cobain, then we’re losing it.

Starts Fights

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Everyone remembers Orlando Bloom’s fist in Bieber’s face? We will never forget it. He got what he asked for, throwing tantrums and insulting them for not having his hand shaken by Bloom and DiCaprio.

Has Anger Issues

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Just like a spoiled kid, he throws tantrums when he doesn’t have his ways. After being kicked out of Walmart, IHOP and other places in Vermont, he went to the cinema and couldn’t take his sandwich inside. He then trashed the place and got carried out by his bodyguard screaming at the staff.

Bad Language

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He swore at paparazzi and got himself a lawsuit. He also swore in front of the police, made racist jokes and swore at his fans while being at Disneyland. Not nice at all.

In For The Money

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His music isn’t even something that you can say it’s new, the lyrics are common, his performance on stage is bad and all in all, we can definitely say he’s doing it for the money. It’s sad because he has a lot of teenage fans and that’s why he is still around.

He Is Over-Exposed

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We are absolutely tired of hearing about him everywhere at the TV, Social Media, radio and so on. And this thing only makes the people who don’t enjoy his music to start disliking or even hating his presence on screen.

He’s a Bad Actor

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He’s supposedly a singer, musician, producer and actor. If his acting skills are as bad as his lyrics and music, then we rest our case. He tried to steal Michael Jackson dance moves on stage but this only brought him shame.

He Doesn’t Write His Lyrics

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It is said on his wiki page that he is a songwriter too, but most of his lyrics are co-written with other songwriters. No one knows whether he made more than 50% effort or just changed a few words so he can say he participated or not.

He’s Spoiled

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Forgetting the place you’ve started from and having your brain washed by money will transform a teenager in a spoiled young adult who throws tantrum when things don’t go his way. That’s not a nice image to present in front of the media.

Bad Role Model

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Taking into consideration all the bad things we have seen he did, we can definitely say that Bieber is a bad influence on the young population. At least he should encourage his fans not to try all the bad things he’s done so far.


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