The movie industry is more profitable than ever and this means that all huge cinema companies such as Warner Bros, Disney and so on are doing their best to compete with each other. Competing in the movie industry is not an easy task since the viewers like to criticize everything. This is why all major producers always pay top dollar to employ the best actors and staff in the business. Obviously, everyone knows about the likes of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise but they’re not the only ones that make movies amazing.

Movie viewers tend to forget about the people behind the camera and they are the ones that actually make everything work together. For example, you would be surprised to know that makeup artists are much more important to a movie than you’d think. Makeup artists use prosthetics in order to completely change the appearance of actors and nothing would be the same without them. Here are 25 of the best prosthetic makeup cover ups ever done.

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What we’re seeing here is a makeup artist that completely changed the way looks so he can better act as Hellboy.

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