These photographs are a strong reminder of what our ancestors went through to ensure comfort and liberty for future generations. At the same time, these images reflect upon the value of life and worldwide turn of events, which hold vital importance for today’s youth.

1863 – President Lincoln at Gettysburg

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Supporters rally up in a group formation, few moments before the great Gettysburg address. The photograph would soon become a part of U.S. history. 

First Flight – 1903

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Another successful attempt at flying during the time when airplanes were still a new and rejected idea. The plane in this photograph is the Wright Flyer 1.

Iwo Jima 1945

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This photograph was reprinted thousands of times in the history of U.S. news media, and later on it won the Pulitizer Prize for Photography.

San Francisco – 1906

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An earthquake has caused people to come out of their respective buildings. It was 5:12 AM in the morning on the day of the incident.

Long Before OSHA – 1932

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A bunch of workers line up on a steel girder that was more than 800 feet above ground level. These men are not wearing any safety harnesses, which shows that people were willing to work for lower wages, and that too without any fear. This photo was taken in 1932 at RCA Building Rockefeller Center during the last few weeks of construction.

March 1936 – The Great Depression

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A mother is holding her two kids in this historic photograph. The great economic depression was at its height during that time period.

Lou Gehrig – 1939

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Lou Gehrig posed in this photograph on the 4th of July in 1939. The world would soon know about his sickness, which earned the name of Lou Gehrig’s disease in medical history. 

Omaha Beach – 1944

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Soldiers launch into the jaws of martyrdom at Omaha Beach during Normandy Landings.

Times Square – 1945

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Thousands of people celebrated the long awaited victory over Japan on the day of Aug. 14, 1945. A sailor is passionately kissing a woman during the heat of the moment.

Martin Luther King – 1963

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King waves to a crowd on the historic day he made “I Have a Dream” speech. 

A New President is Sworn In

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Lyndon B. Johnson takes the vow to serve the country, as former first lady: Jackie Kennedy is standing by his side in an Air Force One plane.

“War Is H***” – 1965

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War photo journalist: Horst Faas took this memorable photograph in Southern Vietnam. The image become so popular that it was featured as cover photo of hundreds of magazines later.

Make Love, Not War – 1967

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Protesters garnish the tip of gun barrels with flowers to demonstrate peace during this Vietnam riot.

Neil Armstrong Crying – 1969

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They are the tears of joy as the astronaut is taken up in a swirl of emotions. 

Neil Armstrong’s Footprint

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A rare image of the famous astronaut’s footprint on the surface of the Moon. 

1980 Winter Olympics

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Led by Coach Herb Brooks, the U.S. team miraculously defeated the Soviet Union National Team, former 6 times gold medalist. 

Vietnam Memorial – 1982

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86 years old Joseph Ambrose is dressed up in his old uniform at the Vietnam Memorial day held in the year 1982.

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