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25 Ways Romance Is Ruining Your Relationship
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If you aren’t Amish or living in the 18th century, you pretty much know that to have anything close to a love life you have to lower your standards to someone who “isn’t Jack the Ripper”. And even then, if you find a decent guy, odds are things never go as planned like in your favorite rom-coms.

It prevents real connections

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The really good parts of a relationship happen when you stop trying.

It makes guys try too hard

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Like really hard sometimes…

It’s never as good as advertised

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You’re so caught up in your expectations that you miss the good parts.

There’s pressure to perform

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Because a night that isn’t just perfect is hardly even worth remembering or sharing with your friends anymore.

It’s a Hollywood thing

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Let’s be frank, it’s soft core soft core **** for girls. They lifted our expectations and it’s all false advertising.

It’s frustrating

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You don’t know if you want the fairytale or just the nice guy to share a pizza with at the end of the day.

It makes you feel in debt

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It all feels like make believe… but with your life.

It becomes satire after a while

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Here is where if your guy has a funny bone it becomes bearable and actually brings you closer.

You neglect everyday moments

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A friend of mine went on 4 dates with a guy before she noticed he had a limp.

It’s performance art for social media

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#relationshipgoals will be the death of me. I want that hashtag more than a good relationship.

It’s cheesy

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There’s no greater turn off than feeling like you’re in a bad comedy.

Flowers are dumb

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Flowers are expensive, environmentally irresponsible, they take zero effort, zero forethought and they die in a couple of days.

It’s impractical

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A complete human being can’t be the perfect match for another complete and complex human being – unless they are dumb and boring.

It tricks girls

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You know the guy…that perfect guy. So perfect he’s married and has 2 kids.

It sets expectations

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Remember that primary school crush… how fun would it have been to not “play date” and just hang out?

You can’t make it your own

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If you are not shaped by God after a Barbie template, feel bad because only princesses get the prince.

It sells dreams

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Sometimes you just got to grow up and the older you are when you do, the less joy you will get out of adult mature relationships.

Valentine day is the worse

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Confession time: I never had a good Valentines date, I don’t know anyone that has. Between the expectations, the reservations, and the gifts…

The break up is harder

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The other side of the double edge sword that is romance. It makes break-ups terrible.

It’s expensive

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We’ve come a long way since we used to shack up for body heat…now being single is actually the sound financial choice.

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