Dating is super fun, but when you find a great guy you get this feeling in the back of your mind. Suddenly, you can see yourself growing old with them and you’re excited. Everything you do together is on another level and everything you do without him is a total drag. He might be the one for you if you feel this way. Is it worth the trade to settle down? Figure it out with this checklist.

You Both Are Happy Doing Anything & Everything Together

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Life is a lot like cake… with the right ingredients it’s delicious

You Have Solid Communication

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Everything just works and you feel less awkward with with than alone.

You can be open with him

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It doesn’t get better after a wild drunken session of truth or dare and he’s still there in the morning.

You Don’t Want To Be With Anyone Else

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I get it some girls just go all out with puppy dog love with everyone, most don’t and if you are a bad girl that suddenly turned good, well, that gives you something to think about.

You love sharing your day with one another

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… and it doesn’t feel forced or awkward… it’s just right

You trust him

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You’ve been hurt before, you know the feeling and you are usually like a scared alley cat, but not with him.

You read each other’s minds

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All couples get to that point where they know what the other is thinking, but great couples manage that before they have 3 kids and a loveless marriage.

He’s Not Out Creeping

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Cool off girlfriend, if you ain’t going out, he better not be stepping out either. A deal’s a deal.

You always consider what is best for both of you

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Just that small little thing, when you know someone is always there looking out for you, makes life a whole lot easier.

He’s The First Person You Call When You Have A Bad Day

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And he is there for you…

You know one another needs without them having to say it

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Have you ever had a boyfriend that just knows when you’re hungry before you? It’s awesome

He Loves You For Who You Are

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And that makes you able to love yourself, FINALLY.

You can’t see a future without one another

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There’s a point, a scary point were you love him so much that even thinking about life without him gives you a panic attack…It’s a great place to be.

You love their quirks

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Let’s be honest, you can’t tell one six-pack from another, but there’s that little thing about him that you’re almost sure nobody in the world has.

They love your flaws

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…really love them. It’s the type of healing love that makes you finally smile when you look in the mirror and say…you’re not half bad pretty lady.

You push one another

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…and you have fun doing it. That’s basically how you win at life – growing and laughing about it.


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