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These 25 Open World Video Games Will Keep You Busy For Hours
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Open world games have become their own genre in video games! Each one has a unique world to explore, and a lot to do in each! Here are the top 25 open world video games!

Watch Dogs 2

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Watch Dogs 2 took everything the first one did, and made it better, including the city you explore! This time your in a simulated version of San Fran!

Assassin’s Creed 4

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Assassin’s Creed 4 takes place during a pirate adventure! This means you get to explore the high seas, and different islands at your own leisure!

Crackdown 3

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Crackdown 3 has one of the most promising open worlds! It shows off extreme building destruction as you fight off enemies in a huge bustling city!

Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Take on a whole new unexplored alien world in Xenoblade Chronicles X! It has beautiful environments mirroring that of Earth!

Horizon Zero Dawn

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Horizon Zero Dawn offers a bustling open world, with beautiful lighting effects and visuals! Not to mention their are android wildlife every where you turn!

Batman Arkham City

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While the first game did a lot for Batman and video games, the second game took Batman to a real open world! In a blocked off sector of Gotham, Batman could finally spread his wings!

Don’t Starve

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One of the hardest video games on this list, because of the types of things you’ll find in this open world! Oh, and you’ll definitely have to explore it, so you don’t starve!

Fallout 4

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What could be as fun as rummaging around old junk in a post apocalyptic world? Not much!

Far Cry 3

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Far Cry 3 takes place on a tropical island so huge, and just waiting to be explored! There are many ways to explore it, whether through the air, or on the ground!

Grand Theft Auto 5

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Grand Theft Auto has one of the most realistic open worlds in video games! It is directly modeled after L.A. and even has some of L.A.’s famous landmarks present!

Infamous 2

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Infamous 2 takes the series out of a big city for a nice change of pace, and puts it in the swamps of New Orleans! It is fun to explore the culture, and environment with superpowers!

Just Cause 3

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Just Cause 3 has one of the prettiest open worlds on this list, and the most fun! You can do almost anything you can put your mind to, and anywhere!

L.A. Noire

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L.A. Noire has a setting like no other! Downtown L.A. in the 20’s is the perfect setting for a crime drama, and it is a lot of fun to just explore the city during that time period!

Mafia 2

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Mafia 2’s open world didn’t offer much in stuff to do, but heck if it wasn’t pretty! Going from mission to mission, it really felt like you were in New York during that time period!


The Crew

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The Crew’s open world sets it apart form other racing games, because of it’s map loosely based on the United States!

Mad Max

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Mad Max really invites you into the dust lands with it! There is a lot to do in this dirt filled post apocalyptic land, and it’s very fun to explore surprisingly!

Metal Gear Solid V

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MGSV’s open world took place in tow different parts of the world! One being Afghanistan, and it featured a great open world with many enemy bases to take down, and a bunch of wildlife to mess with!

No Man’s Sky

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No Man’s Sky didn’t get much right, but what they did was their world! You really get the feeling there is no end to the universe in this game!

Saints Row 4

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Having customizable powers, and a city to run around and use those powers in make for an excellent time!

Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead’s world is everything a western game needed to be, and more! You get to explore parts of America, then half way through you get to even go into Mexico! Talk about ambitious!


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Skyrim has a huge bustling world to explore, with many missions, environments to explore, and towns to visit!

TLOZ Breath of the Wild

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Breath of the Wild redefines the open world genre, by making it possible to go anywhere you can lay your eyes on! With a new climbing mechanic it makes it possible to explore every inch of this world!


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Minecraft is truly limitless! You can go anywhere, build anything, and create to your hearts desire!

Witcher 3

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The Witcher 3’s open world has something for you to do every inch of the way! It is truly one of the most plentiful open worlds in video games!

Ghost Recon Wildlands

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Wild lands has a huge open world with a lot to do! If you’re not hunting down your next target, you’ll be taking in the magnificent views!


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