Our culture has these strange faux pas at every point. And a break up only makes it even harder to navigate the do’s and don’ts in life. Here are 25 signs that it’s actually over and you need to definitely move on.

He is going out

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You know the feeling when you see him out and about, stop thinking of what may or may not happen and focus on having some fun yourself.

He’s Back With “the Boys”

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Guys are not girls, if he reached out they won’t be crying over ice cream and picking apart your relationship.


His friends are being friendly

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There never was any love lost between you…this is just them signaling the white flag.

He Ignores Your Texts

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I know how much you miss sharing your day with him and you want to keep some of that, but it ain’t happening and it’s for the best.

He’s Told You

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When a guy actually tells you it’s over, it’s way past over. Anything else from this point on is just emotional masochism for both of you.

He Gives You Your Stuff

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This is the official tombstone to any relationship. It’s official.

He’s Dating Again

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He is not playing a game, he isn’t doing it for your sake. Spare yourself the hurt and move on.

He Seems Different

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He might seem like he pulled an 1.80, that’s just because he doesn’t want to slip back into old feelings.

He’s Getting Promoted

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Work – men’s solution to emotional vulnerability since the stone age.

His friends are avoiding you

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They think you don’t know about him hooking up with the rebound. It’s cute actually.

Your friends are being weird

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They want what’s best for you, but they don’t want to get on your bad side. Trust them.

He Unfriends You

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This is how you close the door on a part of your life in the digital age.

Your friends are trying to hook you up with someone else

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It’s immature but it get’s the job done, even if it doesn’t get the job done.

You Feel It In Your Heart

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Slowly it surely the memories fade away, it’s like you lose the part of him you had inside you, but it’s for the better.

He’s Trying New Things

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By this stage guys usually branch out and try to regain independence and express themselves with something.

He’s active

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Men are big babies, if he can just go on with a happy active life, you’re not even on the radar anymore and you should definitely take his example and get back to living your own happy life.

He’s Been Drifting Away

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The gap between you is widening immensely, and at this point you just want your friend back…but that’s just not how things work.


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