Getting older can be quite stressful for some people, but not for Yasmina Rossi who is ageing more than gracefully. Rossi is the living proof to the belief that beauty only keeps growing with age. It’s incredible to see what a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine can do for you in the long term. Born in France in 1955, Rossi is now a successful international fashion model and photographer who is rocking the industry with her astonishing body and silver hair at age of 61. She has been working with numerous famous international brands like Marks & Spencer, Hermes and Macy’s. This beautiful grandmother-of-two is showing to the world that women can be proud of her look even with wrinkles in her face. Keep reading and learn more about Yasmina Rossi below.

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Yasmina has lived in cities like Paris, South Africa and Malibu, California.

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