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25 Unsolved Mysteries from All Over the World
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While combing the internet for some of the most bizarre cases of unsolved mysteries, we stumbled upon these unique cases, incidents and archaeological finds that have still managed to elude answers for a very long time now. We dare you to take a look at the appended photographs and check it all out one-by-one.

Bog Grave Murder Mystery – Finland 1950s

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The Bog Grave Murder mystery has baffled Finnish investigators since the fateful day of May 17, 1953. The incident of Kyllikki Saari’s disappearance was soon ruled out as murder, but the police failed to arrest anyone. There were suspects brought in for interviewing, but lack of conclusive evidence caused for the case to remain open to this date. 

New Mexico – Tao’s Hum

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Each year, resident of Mexico’s Tao town hear a distant buzz which is similar to a car’s engine. However, this sound is only visible to naked ears. It implies that whenever scientific or sound experts try to detect the source of the sound through their advanced machinery, they don’t detect anything. 

The Voynich Manuscript

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For centuries, the contents of the Voynich Manuscript have remained an unsolved mystery. It is entirely written in a different language that linguistic experts have not been able to understand or relate to. The weird hand drawn images inside the manuscript don’t reveal anything at all!

Jack The Ripper

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The famous Jack the Ripper case was one of the most sensationalized topics of all time. While it is all ruled out as a series of murders with surgical precision, no one was ever caught.  

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

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If there is some kind of magnetic field over and below the Bermuda Triangle zone, why hasn’t anyone been able to locate the remains of all the “missing” planes, fleets and vessels who were unlucky enough to cross ways with it?

Jim Sanborn’s Kryptos Sculpture

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The Kryptos sculpture stands erect outside the CIA headquarters in Virginia. Jim Sanborn’s creation is a work of encoded letters spread over four different sections. The fourth and the last section is still a mystery because CIA experts have not been able to decode it!

The Shepherd’s Monument – England

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What does the inscription on Shepherd’s Monument mean exactly? DUOSVAVVM is still an unanswered riddle for 250 years now.

Tamam Shud – “The End”

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In 1948, police investigators recovered the body of an unknown person, alongside a combination of murder weapons that were used to kill him in the first place. The inscription: “Tamam Shud” was found written on a piece of paper by his side. It’s a phrase from Umar Khayam’s writings. 

The Zodiac Killer

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Over the course of 10 years between 1960 – 1970, police would continue to receive bizarre encoded notes that pointed to a specific murder committed by the same person who sent those notes. Only one of those notes was deciphered, the rest are still a mystery.

Georgia Guidestones

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Georgia Guidestones may not have been a mystery back in the days when they were created. Each slab has 10 Commandments written on it in a language, such as English, Swahili, Arabic etc. Who created these stones and why? Were these stones sometimes referred to by travelers in the past?

Rongorongo Glyphs

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These glyphs may contain answer to the movement and origin of the Easter Island giant heads. They haven’t been decoded or deciphered yet…

The Mystery of Loch Ness Monster

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One of the most famous mysteries of all time is the Loch Ness monster. This is the only available photograph of the “unseen” sea creature.

Big Foot

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Yes, it might be a hoax, and a lot of people have cashed on gullible photographs of the supposed giant ape, but some still think that it’s out there somewhere.

Black Dahlia Case

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Somewhere out there is a killer or his descendant roaming free in this day and age. The Black Dahlia murder case is still unsolved; it is one of the saddest and most brutal examples of human atrocities.

Stonehenge Rocks

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These rock formations have continued to fascinate people from all over the world. While there are many theories that possibly answer how these heavy rocks were hoisted up on top of each other, one doesn’t know why they were put together in that way.

The Shroud of Turin

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Historians have always treated the Shroud of Turin with utmost respect. Some believe that it is the face of Jesus Christ that’s imprinted on the shroud. 

City of Atlantis

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Hollywood has made numerous movies over the fabled subject of Atlantis; a lost civilization that was discovered under the sea. Plato was a real person, so if he suggests that this city existed, then there must be a reason behind it.

Aliens, UFOs, Extraterrestrials

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Numerous sightings of aliens, alien spaceships and alien abductions have terrorized the world for several decades now. In fact, some people believe that Area 51 is withholding evidence that could lead to solving the mystery of aliens’ existence in the first place.

British Columbia’s Severed Foot Cases

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For several years, mutilated or surgically removed severed human feet have continued to wash up on the shores of British Columbia’s beach. No one knows why…

Jerry R. Ehman’s Alien Signal Interception

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While Jerry R. Ehman was working as a signals interceptor at the SETI project, he picked up an alien signals transmission. It continued for 72 seconds. The bizarre pattern is still a mystery. Jerry wrote down “Wow” next to an outlined formation of encoded letters

DB Cooper’s Mystery Trial

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DB Cooper was never found once he jumped down from a Boeing 727 with a parachute and a cache full of cash worth $200,000. 

Murder Mystery of Lal Bahadur Shastri – India 1966

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Shastri was in great shape and health when he left his wife for the signing of the Tashkent Pact. However, he passed away soon after the meetup was over. His health drastically degraded, which does suggest that he was poisoned. However, there were no autopsies and police remained quiet over the whole thing.

The Nazca Geoglyphs

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How did people of the Nazca civilization create these glyphs on areas of land spreading over several miles? And that too, with great precision. They had no means of viewing or checking their progress from a higher angle. Was it the work of aliens or some other super intelligent forces?

SS Ourang Medan

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During the interception of a bizarre signal, the entire crew of the SS Medan fleet went dead, or was killed somehow. Investigators have still not been able to find any involvement of foul play, chemicals or gasses that may have assisted in taking the lives of so many people at the same time!

The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud

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This aluminum wedge was discovered in 1974 by three Romanians who were working in a trench. The age of this wedge dates back to 2.4 million years ago because of the decomposed state. If that’s correct, there were no means to produce aluminum in those prehistoric days.

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