Have you ever witnessed someone unexpectedly appearing in a picture they shouldn’t have been in? Have you ever witnessed a dog popping their head into a photo just to get in on the action? This is the act of photobombing and as you’re about to see these pups do it very, very well!

Our favorite is #9, and #1 is guaranteed to melt your heart 🙂


17. Wedding Photobomb


While his masters are posing for their engagement photos in the background, Jasper doesn’t want anyone to forget that he’s just as much a part of the deal here too. We’re with you little buddy! You photobomb the heck out of that pic!

16. Buddy Likes Trolling His Friends


We all can agree that there’s that one friend we can never seem to take anywhere. But what would life be like without that classic goofball? Keep trolling Buddy.


15. Milo’s Selfie


Yah sorry fam, this is my selfie. Frankly, I look way too good today to share the photo.

14. Snoop Dogg Popping Up at Festival


So you’ll never guess who showed up to Coachella this year…one of the biggest stars ever! It was Snoop Dogg I swear! I even got to shake his paw!!


13. Chaz is on a Boat!


I have to admit that I am a little jealous that this dog is out on a boat and I’m behind a computer. Thanks for teasing me about it with that face too pupper!


12. Rex Is About to Speak and Forget About Holding His Peace


I spot a wedding crasher! Rex looks like he might have something to say about this holy matrimony. Let’s be real here though, that wedding was probably the best ever with that corgi being there. I bet he tore it up later on the dance floor.

11. Theo Likes to Take in the Scenery


Ahh the beauty of the outdoors. With such a breathtaking view all around how could you not be as happy as this little one? This is his vacation too you know!

Stick around for #6, it’s our absolute favorite!


10. Cowabunga to the Max!


Max loves the Fall and the time spent outdoors playing in the leaves. Lucky for this couple, they don’t yet know that little Max left a surprise engagement present in this leaf pile for them…

Like Max, this next pupper enjoys jumping in on the action too!


9. Spring Loaded Lily


Lily is just making sure we don’t have the same problem as the last time. “Yup, flash is on guys!”


8. Does this mean I get to be the Goose to your Maverick?


This pupper is seriously excited for his master graduating and becoming squad leader. It’s apparent that he just can’t hold back the excitement.


7. Ridin’ Dirty


They see me rollin’
They hatin’
Patrolling they tryna catch me ridin’ dirty…


Have you ever seen a dog proposing? Do you want to?! You’re in luck because there’s more photobombing doggos in store and they’re coming right up!


6. He Knows How to Propose Better Than You Do, Gary


You begin to wonder if it’s a lot of time training that goes into teaching a dog these tricks, or is it just something quirky they have picked up on? Regardless, this Bachelorette has some fierce competition. I wonder who she will say yes to…


5. Searching for Buried Treasures


Talk about a great day at the beach. A day spent swimming, relaxing, digging up buried treasures, who could dream of anything more perfect, especially when it’s with these two furballs?!

4. Falkor the Giant Dog


Either this dog is a descendant of Falkor the giant dragon dog from The Neverending Story or he’s got some mad photobombing positioning skills. It’s probably going to be the latter of the two, but here’s to dreaming little one.


3. When Nature Calls


When you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go and sometimes there just isn’t any shame in it. Especially when this is “the spot” in the backyard. Come on humans, you guys are the ones cramping his style over there. 


2. Does My B*** Look Big?


I don’t know about you ladies, but I think the doggo found a selfie angle that accentuates her curves in all the right ways.


1. Hold on, I don’t think I set the flash


This fluffy canine looks like he has been tasked with the responsibility of setting up the camera for the family photo. Don’t you just hate that when you get it all set up and then nothing happens? You go to check if you actually set everything up right and then BLAM! There goes the flash. You still look great though fluffy.

Want to see some more adorable photobombing pets? As luck would have it, we have more in store for you!


When You Drop Your Camera


That moment when you fumble and your camera goes plummeting to the ground. In swoops doggo… to take advantage of the greatest photobomb ever? Never waste a good opportunity I guess, right?


The Tourist


You know that feeling when you’re posing for a photo and then all of a sudden some tourist comes walking by and decides to obliviously stand in front of the camera? 


The Woo Girl


When you’re out on a girls night with the ladies and that one girlfriend just doesn’t know when to stop “wooing” and just be classy for once. We still love you girl!


Couch Cuddles


Oh excuse us for butting in on your couch cuddles. We were just hoping that we could have some cuddles with you two.


Last But Not Least. Don’t Forget About Me!


When you have multiple fur babies and they want you’re attention at the same time. How could you not welcome all that love and attention?!

These dogs surely know their way around cameras and I think all of us will be a little more aware of how observant our four legged friends are when it’s selfie time.

We hope you enjoyed the show!