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21 Gorgeous Cat Photos That Will Make Your Heart Swell

21 Gorgeous Cat Photos That Will Make Your Heart Swell
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Have you ever taken a look at an absolutely gorgeous cat and realized it’s way better looking than you are? Yeah, it’s true – there’s some really pretty cats out there. With eyes of all different shades and perfect eyeliner, these cats will have you questioning your own self-esteem. From unbelievably cuddly and fluffy to regal and majestic, these are 21 of the most undeniably beautiful kitties. You’ll be a little envious but mostly filled with joy at how adorable these unique kittens are!

Ginger Look

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You can’t deny the beauty of this kitty’s model face.

Beautiful Gaze

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This is the kind of face you’d like to see laying next to you when you’re all cuddled up in bed.

Model Pose

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This cat has a pair of eyebrows that every YouTube beauty guru dreams of.

Double the Trouble

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These adorable rascals look like they’re all bundled up for their snow day fun.

Gorgeous Coat

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If you’ve ever wanted a pet tiger, this little cutie is the perfect cat for you. Just look at that beautiful coat and those green eyes.

Blue Eyes

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Blue eyes and a perfect combination colored coat? Yes please!

Golden Eyes & Mixed Coat

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This little cutie will steal your heart away with those golden eyes.

Smoothie, the Beauty

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Smoothie is considered one of the world’s most photogenic cats and we just can’t argue with that one.

Lil Devil

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This little kitty has a pair of little devil horns to remind you that it’s just as mischievous as it is cute.

The Purrfect Eyes

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Could you ever turn down a cuddle and pet session from a face like that?!

“Maine” Attraction

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You can tell that this cat is used to turning heads.


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Here’s a cat with a beautiful face and a silly squirrel-like tail.

Lion Royalty

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The only thing this cat is missing is a royal crown.

Lay Around

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This kitten is just lying around look cute and cuddly.


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This cat looks like she enjoys the princess lifestyle.

Cup of Delight

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This is one cup of tea that will bring a real smile to your face.

The Look

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This Siamese beauty has quite the striking look.


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These two cuddle bugs look like they’re a bunch of fun.

The Fluffier The Better

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This cat is looking back at her tail and thinking, “Yeah I know I look good.”


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Ocean blue eyes against an all white coat? Yes please!


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Breathtaking cuteness is all you see with this whiskery fellow.



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