Everyone loves pizza, and that’s a fact! Be honest, have you ever said no to a slice of this delicious dish? This kind of food became so popular not only for its great taste but also for its simplicity. History says that the first pizza was made by the Romans, and it looked more like a focaccia. As time passed by, the Italians started to add tomato sauce and other ingredients in order to make a cheap but delicious food.

Nowadays pizza is a world phenomenon and people are using all sorts of weird ingredients in order to make it more interesting. Everyone can cook a great pizza with a little skill and knowledge and when it comes to choosing your toppings, here is where it gets interesting: choosing the right topping can make your pizza significantly better. So here are a few topping ideas for you!

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When you’re feeling undecided and don’t know what to add on your pizza, make matters more interesting and put some fried eggs on it. This one is called Mushroom-Fontina Pizza with a Fried Egg.

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