In this new age, cars are now being manufactured with consideration to fuel efficiency; this is actually the main factor that determines a car’s green factor. Most of the companies out there selling Eco-friendly cars never tell you the truth about the real CO2 being emitted by their vehicles, so most consumers who currently drive these Environment-friendly cars don’t know that some of these cars produce plenty of CO2 in order to recharge the batteries; which beats logic if you think about it.

To truly know which cars are environmentally efficient, one has to do some research and find out the fuel economy and emissions data for different cars being sold in the market today. From this information one can then move forward to determine which ones are genuinely environmentally efficient. Below is a list of some of the most green cars. All in the spirit of keeping the environment clean!



2017 Toyota Prius c

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The 2017 Toyota Prius c has excellent fuel economy estimates; however, the cheap interior might be a disappointing turn off for buyers.

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