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Take a Look at These Bizarre Photographs of Vacation Spots from Around the World

Take a Look at These Bizarre Photographs of Vacation Spots from Around the World
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“Mystery creates wonder, and wonder creates a man’s desire to understand”. The earth is lined up with some of the most bizarre, creepiest and mysterious places that leave a lot to be answered for. Some of these places have been shut down for years on end. It’s no wonder that anyone never revisits them again.

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This cave is said to have hundreds of skeletons. Known as the Cave of Stone Sepulcher, the spot has been visited by numerous tourists over the last few decades.

Jatinga Valley Bird Watching Village

Each year in September, hundreds of birds dive into the Jatinga valley village. The strange phenomenon occurs only between the hours of 7Pm – 10Pm. The spot is still open for tourists and bird watchers from all over the world.

The Catacombs of Paris

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The French government had to take swift action during the 18th and 19th century to create these catacombs. The human decay material from graves was interfering with city’s water supply due to an increased number of deaths. Therefore, a catacomb had to be built.

The Hellingly Hospital for Mentally Deranged

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Once a treatment center, the Hellingly Hospital was shutdown for unknown reasons.

Abandoned Mining Facility

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The Gunkanjima region was once a mining facility full of life. Long ago it was shutdown against public access for unknown reasons.

Prague’s Jewish Cemetery

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Prague’s city council decided to ransack this graveyard not once, not twice but eleven times to build a “new” cemetery on top. Talk about overcrowding factor.

Island of the Dolls

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Isla De Las Munecas, also known as Island of the Dolls is one of the most creepiest places on earth. Even though the island is populated, its inhabitants are hardly seen during daylight. 

The Ghost Mines of Matsuo

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The Ghost Mines of Matsuo were abandoned by workers who claimed that they were being haunted by unknown anomalies. The entire area is overshadowed by dense fog during winters, which makes the atmosphere even more bizarre.

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The City Hall Subway station used to be one of the busiest underground places in New York City. However it was all seven decades ago. Since then, no one has entered the place or used the train service down there!

Ruins of Detroit

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Detroit is a well populated area. However some places have been long abandoned due to industrial development.

The Winchester Mystery House

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The construction of the Winchester house began in 1800s. To this day, the house is still under construction. No one is able to work there for unknown reasons.

Ghost City of Fengdu

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This 2,000 year old city is something out of Clive Barker’s novels. The city is believed to be a crossing highway for spirits who pass on to the other world.

San Zhi Resort – Taiwan

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This Taiwanese resort was one of the most expensive vacation spots for tourists until people started disappearing for unknown reasons. The area was sealed and shutdown by the government officials due to safety concerns.

Staten Island Tugboat Cemetry

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This abandoned island is the last of what remains of the active harbor life of New York. Today, the Staten Island Tugboat Island houses thousands of abandoned ferries, boats and fleets that are no longer fit for public use.

Sedlec Osuary – Czech Republic

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The priests of the Sedlec Ossuary had to redecorate the entire structure with human bones of the deceased who were or still are buried in this place. The area is considered to be the final resting place of thousands of people.

Overtoun Bridge – Scotland

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The Overtoun bridge in Milton, Scotland is perhaps one of the most mysterious places on earth. Each years hundreds of dogs literally jump from this bridge. No one knows why. 

Takakonuma Greenland Park

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This park is said to be located within close proximity of the Fukushima reactor site. The park was shutdown for obvious security reasons. The happiest place on earth now seems an ideal place of demonic manifestations.

Antarctica’s Bloodfalls

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The waterfall naturally looks red for some reason. Geologists think that the area underneath the waterfall is rich in iron, hence the water gets the red or rusty color.

Fly Geyser – USA

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The Fly Geyser is not open to public. Back in 1916, the U.S. government dug a well at the same site to use the water. Several decades later, the water’s temperature increased by exponential levels, hence causing the authorities to abandon the place. The upward salt formation is due to the increased water temperature.

The Eye of Sahara – Mauritania

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Geologists believe that the Eye of Sahara formation was caused by several asteroids. Some say it was the aliens who landed in the desert several hundred years ago.

Travertine Pools of Turkey

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Over the course of 2,000 years, Travertine deposits accumulated to form a spectacular formation for the entire world to see. If you are going to Turkey, you should definitely see the Travertine Pools in person

Mount Rairama – Brazil

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The mysterious mountain in Brazil is absolutely flat at the top unlike typical mountains. No one knows why…

The Magnetic Hill

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The magnetic hill in New Brunswick is the practical example of earth’s powerful magnetic field. Tourists turn off their cars and set the gear in neutral to see the vehicles going uphill on their own!


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