You know that weird moment when you’re having a great time, everything was going great and then THAT guy opens his mouth. You see it coming from a mile away…that glint in his eyes, that smirk, that pointy finger…and then he speaks:



Clock’s ticking

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What an honor, he is a philosopher and fertility expert, all in one…lucky you.

Lecturing on hygiene

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You, know he cares when he is more concerned about your crotch’s freshness than he is about his.

It’s ok if you’re tired

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…coming from the guy that thinks turning his shirt inside out is doing the laundry.

Why don’t you just take something for the pain

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…thank you Captain Obvious, you’re a life saver.

I’ve never seen it…therefor it doesn’t exist

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…the moment when you realize the dude is Charles Xavier from the X-men.

How can you not want kids?

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“I saw kids in pictures…they look fun”.

You have issues if you don’t want a relationship

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… I mean, have you seen the movies, that’s how you woman.

A woman’s body is made for making children

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It says so right on the warranty your parents get when they make you.


It’s all in your head

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“…these are not the sexists you are looking for”.


I done it before, I know what I’m doing

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It’s as easy as ABC, slap A, grope B, and pinch C.


Trust me, I’m a doctor 

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I’ve seen v*****’s before, I’m an expert.

You should take more personal responsibility

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If you haven’t finished a SEAL survival course you were just asking for it.


You can’t get pregnant by accident

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…storks don’t make mistakes.


Here’s your problem

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…because what would we do if men weren’t all qualified therapists.

This is how things actually work

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…trust me, I’ve seen youtube videos.


Are you sure about that?

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Men, not the heroes we deserve, but the heroes we need.

It’s ok if you do it only once

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How to be a woman 101: presented by a 30-year-old white dude.

So how do you pee if you have a tampon?

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All the world’s collective knowledge is 3 clicks away, but the female anatomy is still a mystery for humanity.

Well that’s just because you don’t have children

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You see there’s this exclusive club that meets every 9 months and that is the truth about the universe, dark energy and God are talked about…

Women are goddesses, not people

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When you realize the dude knows our secrets that women are actually superior alien life forms that came to earth.



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