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20 of the Most Original Heartwarming Marriage Proposals

20 of the Most Original Heartwarming Marriage Proposals
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There’s nothing more heartwarming than an absolutely thoughtful proposal story. All of us secretly wish for a happy ever after, so whenever we hear about people going above and beyond for their partner it leaves us with a feeling of hope. After all, it takes a lot of effort to plan a special proposal out. Here are some of the sweetest and most delightful marriage proposals that people have actually done. You won’t believe some of the lengths people have gone to and now you can show these to your significant other and try to get them to catch a hint!

Colorful Proposal

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There’s nothing quite like a colorful display of public affection to get your partner to say yes!

Board Game Fun

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Imagine getting ready to finally beat your partner at Monopoly and he throws you a fastball and proposes to you instead.

Puppy Eyes

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How could you possibly say no to a puppy face like that? It seems that his dad had a few tricks up his sleeve for this proposal.

Kinder Surprise

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Everyone loves eating a Kinder Surprise egg for the toy inside. Now imagine that toy being your engagement ring [insert tears of happiness here].

Farmer’s Proposal

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How can a small town farmer make his proposal grand? By taking the time out to plow the fields to make this masterpiece!

I Choose You…Forever!

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Pokemon lovers, here’s your chance to finally capture the one that you love. Results may vary.

Running For Love

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You just can’t deny how inventive this type of proposal is. She probably questioned why they had to keep running around in odd formations throughout the day.

Sandy Proposal

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Hopefully the tide didn’t wash away all of the beautiful work this man did to propose to Angela.

Will You Woof Me Forever?

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Here’s another case of puppy love. The men thinking up these puppy proposals are making sure that their woman can’t say no

Players 1 & 2

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This is the perfect proposal for the gamer couple that spends the weekend indoors battling each other’s high scores.

Splashing Success

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Is there anything more romantic that having a dolphin in your marriage proposal? How do you top this one?!

Permanent Placement

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We’re really, really hoping that she checked off yes because otherwise buddy is going to have to get a serious tattoo cover-up.

Proposal Who?

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Doctor Who fans will absolutely love this proposal idea.

Sand Structures

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Another beautiful sandy display of affection. This one comes complete with candles and a realistic sculpture of the two.

Picture Perfect

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She was definitely caught off guard and couldn’t wait to check off that yes box.

Cards For Marriage

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For the couple that share a dark and warped sense of humor, proposing through the use of Cards Against Humanity is a splendid idea.

Discreet Proposal

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This man took marriage proposal dedication to the level. He hid his marriage proposal in photos of him and his girlfriend for months before finally popping the question.

Lego Proposal

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For the man who never grew out of his Lego building phase, this is a cute and romantic proposal to walk into.

Crossword Puzzle

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This man had a special crossword puzzle printed out in the Washington Post for his girlfriend to complete. Talk about a special morning surprise.

Potato Chip Rock Proposal

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Hopefully she didn’t start jumping up and down out of happiness after he proposed to her on that piece of rock.


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