Rappers are known for flaunting their money and always showing off their jewelry. In fact, they even have a term for that and it’s called “stunting on people”. The reason why most rappers spend money on luxurious things and show them off to the world is that they grew up in bad neighborhoods and never had anything which gives them an excuse to spend all of their money on luxurious things such as Gucci clothes and jewelry.

Leaving expensive clothes and jewelry aside, another thing that all successful rappers do is spend a ton of money on cars. Rappers seem to believe that they aren’t rich yet if they don’t have a Ferrari or Bugatti in their garage. Some of them even go further and modify their expensive cars to make them even more awesome. Let’s take a look at some rappers and their amazing cars.

Rick Ross

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Rick Ross always raps about having tons of money and his Maybach 57S proves that he isn’t lying at all.

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