It might surprise you to find out that men actually enjoy doing a lot of activities that are considered as being girly. However, they will never admit this because they need to protect their reputation as being manly, rugged and tough. The reason why men are not willing to admit that they enjoy some products, activities and so on is because they think other men might consider them weak and not manly enough.

Somebody asked men what type of girly things they enjoy doing on a famous site and the thread blew up with answers. The large majority of the users keep their identity anonymous and this is why men found the courage to admit they do girly things. Without any further ado, here are 25 girly things that men do but won’t admit.

Women Underwear

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As surprising as this might be, some men enjoy wearing women’s underwear. They probably just like how comfortable it is but are too ashamed to admit it.

Women Deodorant

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Truth be told, women have it so much better when it comes to perfumes and deodorants because they come in a larger variety of scents. Men products on the other hand only come in one or two scents.

Scented Candles

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Yeah, scented candles might be girly products but they smell really awesome and help lighten up the mood. Well, at least that’s what men are saying about it.

Girly TV Shows

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Men will never admit that they enjoy watching a good drama or a romantic movie, but there are many men who enjoy girly shows.

Daily Diary

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Some men actually enjoy writing down what they did throughout the day in a diary. However, they will more than likely call it a journal so that it doesn’t sound so girly anymore.

Bubble Baths

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Who doesn’t love a bubble bath? It’s warm, fuzzy and an amazing way to relax while getting clean at the same time.

Little Spoon

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Being the little spoon is a really comfortable sleeping position and who could blame men for wanting to try it out?Shower Gel

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Women shower gels smell incredible and men know that too! This is why most of them use girly products such as the Peach & Papaya shower gel.

Crying During Movies

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Drama movies are known to make girls cry, but this doesn’t mean that men don’t do it as well! They are just better at hiding it.


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No one likes having dry skin, not even the manliest of men and that’s a fact! This is why men enjoy using special girly moisturizer to take care of their skin.

Shaving Legs

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Summer days can get really hot and hairy legs make them even more annoying than they already are.

Coffee Creamer

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Men like to make it seem like they only drink black coffee but I assure that’s not the case with all of them. Most men also enjoy a little bit of coffee creamer to sweeten up their beverage.

Hair Blower

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Yes, it’s true, some men do enjoy using the hair blower. Especially those who let their hair grow longer and don’t stick to the classic manly buzz cuts.


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Eyebrow plucking should stop being considered as a girly activity because no one likes having a unibrow.

Face Creams

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As I stated in one of the previous slides, men like to moisturize their skin and girly products are perfect for that.


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Knitting is definitely seen as a girly activity but this doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t enjoy it as well. It’s basically a productive way of relaxing and creating a nice piece of clothing.


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Outfits is certainly not a subject you will hear men talking about but most of them actually care about how well they dress.


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Cuddling is seen as a sign of weakness among men, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy it! They are just ashamed to admit it.

Toes Painting

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Being a father to a girl is no easy task but it gets easier when you enjoy girly activities such as this.

Children Movies

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Even though men might like you to think that they only watch action packed movies, they actually enjoy watching children movies as well!

Toilet Time

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This might be a bit hard to wrap your mind around but some men actually claim that they like sitting down to pee.

Man Purse

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Man purses are great because they make it easy to carry everything you need. Sadly, men are way too ashamed to carry them around but they would certainly love to do it if it wasn’t considered as being girly.

Watching Musicals

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Musicals are definitely classified as being girly shows but you’ll be surprised to find out how many men actually enjoy watching them.


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A little bit of relaxation and skin moisturizer doesn’t hurt any one!


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Men usually make it sound like they dread going shopping with their wives. However, some men are saying the opposite thing!

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