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24 Honest Video Game Titles That Fit Perfectly
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Video games often times have tropes, and these can also be unique to that one particular game. These have become so blatant that gamers have now renamed their favorite games to match this trope!


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The Elder Scrolls has always been known for it’s buggy gameplay!

One Way

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In Mario you run left, and basically kill anything you see!


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Welcome to Animal Crossing where you can never leave, because you owe that raccoon too much money!

Kill Slippy 64

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Slippy is one of the most annoying characters in video games with a high pitched voice, and constantly annoying you during missions, it’s easy to see the reason for the rename!

Cheat Code Required

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Contra is one of the hardest video games known to man! That’s why it is recommended you use the famous passcode known as the Konami code!

Kill That Dog

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The annoying Duck Hunt dog needs to be stopped, and what better way to zap him with the light gun!

Ruining Friendships

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This is basically the video game version of Monopoly!


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Everyone’s favorite sport playable over and over again!

All Bosses

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Where are the enemies? This can’t be it!?

Legend of Link

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If this is what it was called Link wouldn’t be mistaken for a female all the time!

Grand Theft Horse Edition

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The sequel’s title got leaked, and it’s called Grand Theft Carriage!

Straight Cutscenes

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Might as well be made into a movie!

Fun For Two Weeks

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This is true unless you have addictive qualities, or are under the age of 13!

Keep Playing

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I swear I won’t ask you to do to many other things for me, just keep going!

Physics? What Are Those?

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Where we’re going we don’t need physics!


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If only you could crawl it would make the game ten times easier, and shorter!

Just Warp

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Why would you want to actually play the game, let the game play for you!

Online Daycare

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Parenting done right!

Luigi Kart 8

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Luigi finally makes a comeback, he’s tired of living in his brothers shadow!

Simon Says

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Quick time events are just glorified simon says!

Over Hyped

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Disappointing would’ve worked too!

Madden (Insert Year Here)

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“Let’s just sell them the same game every year!”

Batman Vision

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If you’re stuck use the blue vision, it always helps!

Meme References

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The best part is they’re outdated!


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