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Clues That We Missed During Some Of The Most Famous Movies Of All Time

Clues That We Missed During Some Of The Most Famous Movies Of All Time
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Movies take a long time to create and directors try to make the process more fun for themselves by introducing hidden Easter eggs, spoilers and even tributes to other movies. You probably know about popular movie inside jokes such as Stan Lee’s cameos which can be seen in every Marvel movie but there are some clues which are so well hidden that not even hawk-eyed movie fans noticed them.

What’s interesting about hidden movie clues is that some of them are so outrageous that they actually give away the movie’s ending! This shows how confident some directors are in their skills and the actors’ ability to make fans keep their eyes focused on them. Nonetheless, here are 25 famous movie clues that you probably missed when you watched them for the first time.


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If you pay attention to the wood carving in the right corner from the movie Brave you’ll be able to see Sully from Monsters Inc.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness

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There’s a scene at the minute “31:38” in this movie where you can clearly see a toy model of the Starfleet on the left table and that is exactly what Kirk’s future holds for him.

Breaking Bad

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Walter White who is the show’s main character throws his pants away in the desert during the first episode. The interesting thing about this is that they are still there in the show’s final season.

James Bond: Skyfall

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This movie’s title sequence told the entire world what’s going to happen to “M” when her name was shown over a graveyard.

Brother Bear

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Disney finally showed everyone that it was Nemo was all along in a short scene from Brother Bear.

Back to the Future

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Back to the Future’s ending is not as happy as you might think. In the final movie, you can see that the mall’s name is changed to “Lone Pines Mall” when Marty McFly returns to the present which shows that the timeline has been altered and that nothing will ever be the same.


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As you can clearly see, Tron’s director is probably a huge Pac Man fan.

Reservoir Dogs

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Reservoir Dogs is an amazing movie that revolves around a gang that’s trying to find out which one of them is a rat. However, the rat (Steve Buscemi) shows that he isn’t on the same page as the guys right from the first scene! The thieves would’ve known that he is an undercover cop if they paid a little more attention.

Shutter Island

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Mark Ruffalo plays the role of a doctor that’s pretending to be a detective in order to help his friend. However, he gives his secret away right from the first scene when he fumbles with the gun holster, something that only inexperienced people would do.

The Avengers

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Tony Stark gives away the movie’s ending when he makes a joke about someone that’s playing Galaga which is a game about shooting up aliens.

Monsters Inc

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Nemo appears once again in another movie and this time it’s Monsters Inc. The intriguing thing is that Monsters Inc came out two years before Finding Nemo.


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The hidden language that can be noticed everywhere in Futurama is the same secret code that’s being used in the TV Show Homeland.


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A toy of Han Solo frozen in carbonite can be spotted in the Captain’s deck in Firefly.

The Prestige

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The audience finds out at the end of the movie that Alfred was only been able to do the teleport trick because he has a twin brother. However, Robert who is Alfred’s biggest rival manages to steal his journal and every entry is written with “we” but no one picked up on that.


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The movie’s complicated plot leads the main actor to become a “ghost” that’s stuck in time. This amazing turn of events is actually given away from the first scene when the main actor’s daughter says “I thought you were the ghost”.

The Matrix

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People who paid attention to small details were able to tell that Neo is actually “The One” right from the start. We can clearly see Neo’s file in one of the first scenes of the movie and the number one is circled under the word “secret”.

Shaun of the Dead

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The two main actors have a conversation at the begging of the movie and they give the entire plot away with hints such as “Keep drinking. A B***** Mary first thing”. Mary is the name of the first zombie to attack them.


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Don’t you think that those pots look a bit familiar? Well, that’s because they are Disney’s own Mrs. Potts and Chips.

A Clockwork Orange

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Notice something out of the ordinary here? The music album from the middle is Stanley Kubrik’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy

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If you’ve read Shel Silverstein’s book “The Giving Tree” then you probably knew what will happen to Groot even before watching the movie. The reason why I am saying this is because Groot’s story is directly inspired from that movie.


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Disney loves to spread clues and pays tribute to its other stories and we can see this in Rapunzel’s room as well because she has books such as Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.


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There are many cool secrets hidden all throughout Simpson episodes but the best one of them has to be that God and Jesus are the only ones who have five fingers.

A Goofy Movie

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As you can see, Mickey Mouse can be spotted in the audience even though this is Goofy’s movie.

The Little Mermaid

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This time it looks like Goofy and Donald Duck decided to stand in the audience at one of King Triton’s concerts.

The Recurring Newspaper

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This newspaper is a prop that movie directors used as an inside joke. The newspaper can be seen in movies such as No Country for Old Men, Everybody Hates Chris, Desperate Housewives and so much more.


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