Dusting can be tedious and sometimes feel unnecessary. Here are 16 tips that will rid your house of the dust bunnies and dust mites!

Prevent Sucking Up Things Besides Dust

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Putting a panty hose on the end of the vacuum cleaner will prevent sucking up valuables, this will also work with any thin cloth!

Dust Top to Bottom

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Dust falls from top to bottom, so to prevent doing the job twice start at the top!

Dryer Sheets

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Dryer sheets are great for picking up dust and keeping the dust!

Squeeze Bottle

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Dust bottles are great to blow dust out of tight spaces that are hard to reach!


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A toothpick can be great for getting clumps of dust from tight spaces, places dust bottles can’t even reach!

Baby Wipes

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Baby wipes work when they wet, but work better when they’ve been dried out…

Use Fabric Softener

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Using fabric softener can eliminate dust and eliminate dust from coming back so soon!

Pillow Cases

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Using pillow cases can be a great way to clean off the tops of ceiling fans!

Panty Hose

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Panty hose are great for dusting, because dust cling to them easily. They can also be used to reach hard to reach places if attached to a broom stick or something!


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Using a sock can help clean the blinds if you spray cleaning spray on it!


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Cleaning vents and fans can be difficult, don’t make it difficult! Use your vacuum and suck all the dust right out of the vent!


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Using a swifter can get high to reach places, the best way to do this is in a ‘W’ motion!

Fluffy Socks

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Using a fluffy sock can get in small corners, and door frames!


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Invest in microfiber. Microfiber attracts dust like nothing else really does!


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Using rubbing alcohol cleans light bulbs excellently!


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Using a paint brush can reach small dust particles in hard to reach places!

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