Waterslides are an integral part of summer. They cool you off and allow you to get a bit of an adrenaline rush at the same time. However, there are some waterslides out there that have been designed to do more than just boost your adrenaline; they’re there to terrify you.

20. Leap of Faith- Bahamas

Leap of Faith, Bahamas

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The Mayan Temple Pyramid shoots riders down 60 feet through a shark-filled pool. Dare to try it? This waterslide is located at the Atlantis Bahamas resort. Too chicken? The waterslide has a viewing deck where you can see the sharks without going on the ride.

19. Master Blasters Water Coaster- Dubai

Master Blaster Water Coasters, Dubai

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These waterslides at the Atlantis Palm Resort in Dubai defy gravity by shooting riders uphill. Here’s another slide that’s themed with a Mayan pyramid, and you can see from the image, you can take off from different levels of the structure.

18. Boeing 747- Oregon

Boeing 747, Oregon

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Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum constructed a waterslide using a real Boeing 747 aircraft for their Wings and Waves indoor waterpark. The aircraft is perched on the roof of the waterpark and lets guests slide into the waterpark for a big splash.

17. Schlitterbarn Water Park- Kansas City

Schlitterbarn Water Park in Kansas City

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The Verruckt was taller than the Niagara Falls and dropped you 17 stories, then brought you back up 5. Riders would go down in 3-person rafts. In 2014, upon opening, it was the tallest waterslide in the world. Sadly, in 2016, a 10-year-old died riding the waterslide when his raft went airborne. As of November 2018, the ride is closed and being dismantled.

16. Summit Plummet- Florida

Summit Plummet, Florida

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A mountain-themed waterslide at Disney’s Blizzard Beach that drops you over 120 feet at 60 mph, Summit Plummet is the third tallest and fastest free fall slide in the world.

15. World Waterpark- Alberta, Canada

World Waterpark in Alberta, Canada

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Inside the West Edmonton Mall, World Waterpark has ziplines, a wave pool and surf simulator. Nessie’s Revenge feature three dips that give you the feeling of being in zero gravity as the force of the slide actually causes you to lift up into the air when you lie down. It’s definitely not for those who suffer from motion sickness easily.

14. Bulletbowl- Beijing

Bulletbowl, Beijing

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After the 2008 Olympics, Beijing turned its Water Cube pool complex into a colorful, exciting water park complete with the Bullet Bwl, a crazy fast slide. Riders whip around a whirlpool then plunge into darkness with a steep drop. Add this to your must-do list, waterslide fans.

13. Insano- Fortaleza, Brazil

Insano, Fortaleza, Brazil

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Since 1989, this has been the tallest waterslide in the world reaching a height of 135 feet. With the name “Insano,” It’s obviously not for the faint-hearted. Top speeds can reach 65 mph and the ride takes you down 14 feet.

12. Area 47- Innsbruck, Austria

Area 47, Innsbruck, Austria

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The popular place for Austrians in the summer includes high-dive platforms, loop-de-loop slides and an inflatable catapult. Area 47 is the largest outdoor park in the country and it’s all in the mountains of Austria.

11. Head-first Racer- China

Head-first Racer, China

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Chimelong Waterpark features 8 different slides that allow you to race your fellow riders while dropping down head-first. It’s definitely not for the timid because once you’re on, you’re on!

10. The Cyclone- World Waterpark- Canada

The Cyclone - World Waterpark, Canada

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Climb into a capsule, have the floor pulled out from under you and get shot through a 360-degree loop. Sounds fun. The Cyclone is 85 feet high and propels you into the loop with jaw-dropping gravity.

9. Big Thunder- Florida

Big Thunder, Florida

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You and three others in a sit raft that sends you through a dark tunnel and out a hypnotic funnel at Riveria, Florida’s Rapids Water Park. It’s 20 mph and zero-g in one awesome ride.

8. Giant Slide- China

Giant Slide, China

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A normal waterslide with a fun twist at the end: you get shot up a wall and accelerate down into the pool below. It’s the Giant Slide and you’ll find it in the Chimelong waterpark.

7. Twister and Speedy- Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Thermal Spa, Austria

Twister and Speedy - Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Thermal Spa, Austria

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This water park allows riders to choose from one of two options: Speedy, a 75 foot drop or Twister, a 663 foot long enclosed slide.

6. Epic Plunge – Norwegian Cruise Line

Epic Plunge, Norwegian Cruise Line

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The Epic Plunge is a 200-foot waterslide with the only bowl-shaped attraction on the seas. Riders swirl inside the bowl for a wild ride and you can opt for a tube or no tube.

5. Citta del Mare- Italy

Città del Mare, Italy

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Ride these waterslides down a cliff and right into the Mediterranean Sea. This is an attraction found at a Citta del Mare Hotel Resort.

4. King Cobra- New Jersey

King Cobra, New Jersey

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A red and white snake skin slide that propelled you into the head of a cobra, King Cobra just closed for good in 2018. It was located at Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey and had tw dueling slides. No word on what will open in its place.

3. Tantrum Alley- Dubai

Tantrum Alley, Dubai

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Spinning, dropping, spinning, dropping and more spinning. Don’t eat before this one. It’s located at the Wild Wadi Waterpark and uses a 4-person tube. You slide, spin, and spin in multiple tornadoes.

2. Wildebeest – Indiana

Wildebeest, Indiana

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This slide uses HydroMagnetic linear induction technology to shoot uphill through the longest multi-person slide in the world. Wildebeest is at Splashin Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana and gives you 2 minutes of action.

1. AquaLoop — South Korea

AquaLoop, South Korea

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A double-tubed slide that propels you 60 feet upward a through a 360-degree loop, Aqualoop is at Carribean Bay. It’ll deliver one of the most thrilling waterslide experiences you’ve ever had.