Little Lies Parents Tell Children to Set the On the Right Direction,
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Bending the Truth to Get Kids Do the Right Thing

To tell the truth, sometimes telling your child a lie is more helpful than telling the truth. We are all guilty of bending the truth with lies…remember the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause stories you’ve been telling your children. It helps keep the little ones on their best behavior.

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The critical and questioning young minds sometimes need a fib here and there to keep them in line. Telling alternative facts can however backfire on you. Imagine the disappointment on your child’s face when he discovers that you have been lying to him. I wouldn’t want to be you…ha-ha. “My mom is a liar.” Sorry folks. You are on your own if you are caught out fibbing. Check below some clever fibs that parents have told their children. Maybe you will get inspiration to lie better next time…

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