Tupac’s Widow Keisha Morris Reveals How She Met Her Husband
Keisha Morris Tells the Story of How She Met Tupac 20 Years After He Was Shot Dead,
Keisha Morris Opens Up on Her Relationship with the Hip-hop Legend Tupac,
Tupac’s Legend Lives on through His Life’s Work 20 Years After He Was Born,
Keisha Morris Sheds Light on Her Marriage With Tupac and the Eventual Breakup,
Keisha Morris Says Tupac Was Not Hard To Love 20 Years After He Was Shot Dead in LA,
Keisha Morris Says She Loved Tupac But There Was A Lot Going On In His Life,
The Romantic Angle in Tupac’s Controversial Life as Told by His Divorced Wife Keisha Morris,
Confessions of Keisha Morris: Tupac Was Persistent And I could Not Resist His Charm

It is September 7, 1996, and one of the hip-hop’s most revered artist has just been gunned down by a drive-by shooter in Las Vegas, Nevada. The news of his shooting changes the industry forever, and his name is ingrained in the history books as a hip-hop legend.

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What popular media doesn’t tell you is what happened to his wife, Keisha Morris, after his death. This is a story of the forgotten spouse. The woman who inspired Tupac Shakur to write music that still addresses today’s ills such as police brutality, inner city life, poverty and racism.

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