A Father’s Documentary of His Daughter’s first Day in School over the 12 years,
See the Responses a Daughter Gave Her Father during Her First Day in School for 12 Years,
A Father Records His Daughters First Day in School in All Her 12 Years of Elementary Education,
A 12-Year Tale of a Father/Daughter Relationship on Her First Day in School,
A Heartwarming Documentary of a Daughter’s First Day in School over 12 Years,
A Tale of A Daughter’s 12 Years and 12 First Days at School As Recorded By Her Father,
Father – Daughter Interview: The Amazing Change in Responses Over 12 Years of Schooling,
Girl Gives Her Father Amazing Responses in 12 Different Interviews Over 12 Years of Schooling,
12 Amazing Responses Given By Daughter to Father Over 12 First Days in School in 12 Years

At first, you are excited that you are going back to school. Your school bag is new and if you go to the private schools, you are probably wearing a new uniform. Your parents tuck you in the back seat of the car and off you go – to begin your own life – says the adoring parents.

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They kiss you goodbye at the school entrance and hand you over to your school teacher. And right there and then, the apprehension begins. There are so many people, too many bells, and you don’t understand what the teacher says. It is so unlike your local day care where you used to play with Meg and Bryan…the kids next door. No sir! You will have to put up with bigger kids.

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