A Wedding Between a 6-year Old Boy and a 5 Year Old Girl With a Nervous System Cancer,
5-Year Old Girl with Cancer Says I Do to a 6-Year Old Best Friend,
A 5-year Old Girl and a 6-Year Old Defy Norms to Get Married at a Wedding Attended by Hundreds of Guests,
A Fairy Tale Marriage Between a 5-year Old Girl and a 6-Year Old Boy,
Boy (6years) and Girl (5 years) Start Their Happily Ever After Cinderella Story,
A Fairy Tale Wedding At The Top of a 5-year Old Girl’s Bucket List,
Not Even Cancer Can Stop a 5-Year Old Girl From Having a Fairy Tale Wedding,
A Happily Ever After For A Girl Suffering From Cancer,
Parents Allow Children to Have a Fairy Tale Wedding to Lift the Spirits of the Bride (5 years) Suffering from Cancer

You probably have heard stories of people ticking off their bucket lists one by one. This is a story of prioritizing that bucket list. It is a story of a 5-year old Scottish girl suffering a terminal nervous system cancer known as neuroblastoma. Oh, and it is a story of love. It will get you teary.

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You will wonder why the world would be so cruel to such an adoring child. And you will seethe with anger knowing that Eileidh Paterson could have gone on to write a Cinderella story with her life.

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