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If you love crafting your own creations and taking part in a variety of do-it-yourself projects, then you’ll love this collection of DIYs. Summertime is all about relaxing and enjoying the hot sun. In order to make summer that much more enjoyable, however, you’ll want a backyard that will have all of your neighbors envious. Transform your backyard for this summer season and then sip on your cold lemonade as you bask in the sun.

Tin Can Lanterns

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Looking to light up your backyard for your annual 4th of July party? Then look no further than creating a creative light source out of tin cans. The process is simple and you can create designs and colors of all different sorts.

Wooden Pathway

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If you’ve been dying to spruce up your backyard walkway, look no further than this simple DIY that will make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.

Glow in the Dark Bowling Pins

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For adults that are looking to spice up game night, why not create some glow in the dark bowling pins? The method is super easy and all you really need is plastic water bottles and glow sticks.

Portable Summer Ice Cream Cart

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Get ready to bring all of your cool drinks and ice cream cones with you in this stylish and easy to make ice cream cart. Let your creativity run wild as you paint bright colors and create a serious masterpiece.

Slip N Slide

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Your backyard will become the talk of the town once you craft this amazing DIY slip n slide. You’ll stay cool all summer long while having a wild fun time.

Floating Pool Cup Holders

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Those of you with a private backyard pool will absolutely fall in love with this nifty craft. With a pair of old pool noodles you can easily construct a floating cup holder that will keep you hydrated while swimming around.

Backyard Four In A Row Game

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Have you always been a huge fan of the Four in a Row game? Then you and your friends and family will have a ball with this life-size version of the game. Invite people over for some backyard fun and get your competitive spirit on by building this fun game.

Mini Deck Pond

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Have you always wanted your very own pond but simply had no place to put it? Well this gorgeous DIY is the perfect option for you. This mini pond will fit right onto your deck and will brighten up your decorations.

Life-size Dominoes

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Grab your kids, your friends and anyone else that loves a wholesome game of dominoes. Build these large pieces out of board pieces and you’ll be having backyard fun for hours.

Outdoor Serving Table

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Have you been planning on giving one of the trees in your backyard a trim? Then why not go the creative route and turn it into an outdoor serving table!

Big Jenga

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Grab some wood, a chop saw and a sander in order to start playing Jenga right in your backyard. Simple to craft and even simpler to enjoy, your backyard will a center for fun.

Pillow Lounging

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Grab a few pillows, sew them together and make the perfect outdoor lounging bed. Grab your favorite book and a drink and set your pillows up under a shady tree in your backyard.

Outdoor Hammock

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Outdoor lounging has never been easier with this DIY outdoor hammock. The instructions are simple and after crafting this piece you can take a nap while under your shady tree.

Filing Cabinet Planter

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Make some good use out of your old filing cabinet and turn it into a gorgeous planter for your favorite kinds of plants. You can go the cactus route, like in the photo, or fill it up with your very own herb garden – the choice is yours!

DIY Cornhole Boards

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Keep yourself and your guests occupied all day long with this DIY cornhole board. All you need is some boards and paint to take part in this amusing game.

Water Balloon Slingshot

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Get started on your water balloon fight by constructing an entire slingshot to completely defeat the enemy! This is a great DIY for a kids summer birthday party.

Outdoor Bench and Flower Shed

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Do you have a huge backyard space that is in need of a total revamping? Why not create a gorgeous outdoor bench and garden get-away that you can spend hours reflecting in?

DIY Marshmallow Roasters

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Turn your boring and plain old roasting fork into a colorful explosion for the summertime! You’ll have a grand time roasting your marshmallows over a campfire with these forks.

DIY Tetherball Set

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Save some serious cash and get the whole family involved in creating your very own tetherball set.

DIY Waterpark

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Grab some PVC pipes arrange them in a constructive way and let the water pour through. This is a great way to cool off in the backyard during those scorching hot days.

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