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Road trips are known for being a snack festival! After all, what else is there to do for the long winding hours that you happen to be on the road for? However, instead of munching down on a bunch of empty calories, why not snack healthy? There are a bunch of healthy snack alternatives that you can indulge in that taste just as great as junk food. Here you’ll find a list of the best snacks to bring with you as you drive on to your next destination!

Dried Fruits

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Forget the chocolate bars and candies, instead why not snack on some healthy dried fruits? From dried bananas to kiwis, you can’t go wrong with this sweet snack.

Baby Carrots

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Easy to pack and carry around with you, baby carrots are an excellent road trip snack. To really amp things up, try buying some hummus as a tasty dip. Kids will love this snack combination.

Coconut Water

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Ditch the soda and pick up some coconut water instead to quench your thirst! Coconut water is filled with minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes. An added pro tip: squeeze some lime into the bottle to make it taste even better.


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As a savory snack almonds definitely take the win. As a rich source of vitamin E, your skin will be thanking you when you snack on these. Just stuff them in a bag and you’re ready to go!

Fig Bars

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Baked with wholesome ingredients, fig bars are a sweet and tasty treat that you and your kids can enjoy. The entire line is gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO. Choose from a variety of sweet flavors to keep you going!

Greek Yogurt

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Greek yogurt is filled with calcium, potassium, protein, zine, and a wide variety of vitamins. Since they’re all prepackaged you can simply throw them in a cooler and consume as you’d like.

Carbonated Fruit Drinks

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Looking for a carbonated drink but want to avoid the harmful ingredients in soda? Try a carbonated fruit drink as a healthier alternative. There are a variety of brands that you can choose from and they taste great.

Celery Sticks

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Low in calories, celery sticks are easy to cut up and place into a ziplock for a road trip. If you want to add some protein into the mix, grab some peanut butter and fill your celery sticks up.


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Since you can easily eat them raw, cut some radishes up, sprinkle a little salt and you’ve got a savory snack that will fill you up. They’re filled with fiber, potassium, folate and a variety of other goodies.


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Clementines were practically invented for road trips (or so we like to think!). Pack ’em, peel ’em, and enjoy this sweet orange and mandarin hybrid that features tons of Vitamin C.

Sunflower Seeds

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High in healthy fats and protein, sunflower seeds are a fun and easy snack to carry around with you. Although the clean-up from the seeds may be a bit of a nuisance, the health factor of this snack cannot be denied.

String Cheese

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Everyone’s favorite snack was childhood is a great option for long road trips. Up your calcium intake with this fun and cheesy snack.

Fruit Juice Pouches

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Fruit juice pouches are great for both kids and adults while driving in the car. The pouch will keep your kids from making a mess and the taste is obviously undeniably good.

Dark Chocolate

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Are you unable to deny your sweet tooth? Then choose the healthier version of chocolate and stick with the dark stuff.

Chocolate Covered Fruits and Nuts

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Combining all of nature’s goodies is the perfect way to snack. Chocolate covered fruits and nuts are the perfect combination snack.

Cheese Crackers

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Simple to make and even simpler to eat, cheese and crackers has been a staple in the snack category for years. Choose a healthy whole grain cracker and your favorite cheese and you’ve got a delicious combo.

Roasted Chickpeas

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Roasted chickpeas are a highly addictive snack and once you start popping them you won’t be able to hold yourself back from eating an entire bag’s worth.


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You’ve been snacking on raisins since you were a kid so why stop now? Raisins are delicious, sweet, and rich in fiber these guys make a great on-the-go snack.

Green Pea Crisps

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A great alternative to potato chips, green pea crips are baked and features way less sodium and fat when compared to the average bag of potato chips. They also come in a tasty variety of flavors.

Energy Bars

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There’s nothing you need more than an energy bar when you’re on a road trip. Driving all those hours can really drain the energy out of you and a delicious energy bar will help keep you feeling awake and ready to take on the miles.

Bell Pepper Strips

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Raw bell peppers have an enormous amount of Vitamin C and are a super versatile snack that you can bet your kids and you will love. Even if your road trip is just you and your pals, you guys will love snacking on these tangy strips.

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