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 T-Shirt With Circled Cutouts

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When it’s too hot and you want to look different at the party! This is a very good t-shirt to wear on a hot sunny day. But don’t wear this t-shirt when you want to tan your body as you will not look good with polka dots on your chest!

Pink Top With White Palm Print Pants

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We really don’t know what was the designer thinking while designing something like this!

Jeans That Can Be Detached

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It will take a minimum of 20 minutes for me to put on that piece of weirdness.

Plastic Jeans See Through

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If it was introduced as a raincoat that can be worn on a rainy day, then maybe!


A New Kinda Handbag Or Arm-bag?!

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This is actually not the worst idea as it can prevent theft.

A Dress Made Of Lace For Men

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Even for these hunks, these lace dresses are really a fashion faux pas.

Jacket That Hugs You

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Even the guy who was modeling with this jacket was confused.


Rubber Black Vest

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Sorry, Mr. Fashion Designer but that doesn’t look like a vest to us.

Mom’s Dress To Carry Baby

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This is a great idea for moms to wear to carry their newborn baby.

Strapless Denim Crop Top

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We don’t know if people will praise you for your fashion sense after you get out wearing something like that, but they will surely start doubting your thought processes!

Separable Pants

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At least, you won’t have to spend extra to buy shorts and can save your money.

Half Denim Half Formal Blazer

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You can gift this to your two faced friends!

Fringed Denim Jacket

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All I want to do is to pluck every fringed tab from that denim jacket right now!

Waist Line Cut Jeans

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With what intention were these jeans actually created? Does the designer want the bulges of the women to peep out of those cut outs?

Jeans To Show Off Your Knees

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I think the designer took the meaning of “Fashion” in the wrong sense.

Jeans & Shorts In One

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The designer of this unwieldy line of clothing should really jump off to any other line of career.

$1,425 Worth Minion Jumpsuit

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If you are invited to a minion theme based party, you can surely carry this minion jumpsuit.

Robert Mapplethorpe Print Dungaree

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Wear a shopping bag as clothing!

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